Finished Object Friday!

If you are a regular follower you may have noticed that WIP Wednesday this week was missing. I’ve been on a serious mission as I needed the satisfaction of completing a project. Last weekend I measured my daughter’s chevron blanket and it was 78cm long, I was aiming for 1m so I knew if I really focused I could finish. It was my car crochet project, so progress had been slow. I retrieved it from the car and ‘allowed’ it in the house so I could crack on. The pattern was simple enough that I could pick it up and just work a row or two in quiet moments, but also repetitive and almost meditative so I could work in it for longer periods and get lost in it. (However, I’m not in a hurry to make a blanket entirely using double crochet  (US single) again!)

Once I’d made it to 1m I filled in the chevrons (see this tutorial), and the search for a border began.  I found the perfect one, the wave stitch (often known as reverse shells too). I had a couple of false starts as using treble crochets it was too tall so I swapped to half trebles with doubles at the base, then the blanket began to ripple so I frogged a whole side and started again, leaving one stitch between each pattern repeat to spread them out more (this worked a treat!) It took a few hours to complete as it was quite intricate, but I think it looks like fluffy clouds around the rainbow chevrons. 

My daughter was very pleased with her blanket and asked if I made it using ‘trochet’. I now need to find another car crochet project…

Have you finished anything this week? How long had you been working on it for? Please share!

55 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday!

  1. The blanket looks wonderful; that border is perfect…a big pat on the back to you for a beautiful future heirloom! I’m having a break from joining donated squares into blankets for the needy and instead making some bunting for our granddaughter’s first birthday next month. It’s been fun 😊

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    1. Thank you. Your cards sound fun, I ran a card making club when I was a permanent teacher and really enjoyed it. One of the children even asked her mum for a die cutter for Christmas so I showed her mine and explained it all. It’s a lovely feeling to pass on skills! 😊

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    1. Thank you, the border took a little figuring out on the first couple of repeats, but I found a good tutorial on Pinterest which helped. It was very time consuming, but worth all the effort. 😊

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  2. I know what you mean about not making another blanket in single crochet! I actually tried starting a baby blanket a couple months back in the same pattern and after about 15 rows I ripped it back due to the monotonous repetition of the sc’s! Not to mention it would have taken forever to complete.

    I do love the colors you choose and the border is perfect with that pattern! Glad you stuck with it and finished it!

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  3. Gorgeous “trocheted” blanket. That made me smile. Love the colors and the border is awesome! I have never seen the wave before. Perfect choice. I am about to finish cross stitching the letter “Y” and my JOY will be complete and ready for framing. I am so excited. And even more so that I have 3 finishes already for 2017 🙂 Look at us! Getting stuff done 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I love the wave stitch and will hopefully have a chance to use it again one day. Your cross stitch projects are fab, I can’t believe how quick you are!


      1. Thank you, but the letters are pretty quick stitches. Way smaller than what I usually do. It has been a nice change of pace to finish something so quickly. I am itching to pick up my crochet hook or knitting needles, though. Your crochet is so perfect. Mine, not so much, but I do like that it goes quicker than knitting.

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      2. Thank you, mistakes are easily hidden in crochet (at least in the patterns I choose!) It’s nice to be able to choose between knitting and crochet, and I agree, crochet works up far more quickly.

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    1. Hi, I think it is just called the wave stitch. There are various YouTube videos which I think explain it a bit better than a written pattern. Hope that helps 😊


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