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Vintage Floral Card

This birthday card is a special one, for Mr C’s grandma’s birthday. She is 94 this year, and I thought it was a good opportunity to try out my floral stamps from Papercraft Inspirations magazine.

I chose the hydrangea, using a base card that I had created using my DIY Embossing mask. I stamped it using a pale green pigment ink and coloured it using Papermania watercolour pens. I went over the whole stamped image, including the inked areas. The ink beneath strengthened the colours of the pens and added depth with minimal colouring talent needed (best not to look too closely). 

I chalked green around the edges and used a paler green to fill in the rest of the circle that had not been embossed. I then added a few pearls, because vintage and pearls go hand in hand (and Poundland had loads of pearls in their craft section!)

I wanted something else to add too, and went for a ribbon with a bow.  Lace would gave been even better but it just didn’t stand out from the background (maybe a pastel base card would be better with lace?) Because I had embossed the base card rather than making a panel to attach to the front of the card, the ribbon ends are visible on the inside and back of the card, which I’m not 100% happy with. However, I think I achieved my aim of vintage and floral in one card!

18 thoughts on “Vintage Floral Card

  1. Yep, definitely nailed the vintage floral brief! Because I have, about a hundred times, done exactly the same thing regarding the late addition of ribbon, what I now do is cut a strip of the same colour card, same width as whatever layer I am fixing it to. I also cut it a smidge less than the width of the ribbon. Then I can just wrap the ribbon around it, stick the ribbon at the back and then stick the panel to the card. This hides all the “doings”. Works a treat!


  2. Happy Birthday to Your Grandma Mrs C.. wow what a wonderful age 94 yrs young..

    I must be missing something here as I do not see a card image.. I also pressed the DIY emboss mask link and its a blank page.. I used two browsers but got the same. xxx

    I am sure your card is just beautiful.. xxx
    Love Sue

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