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30 Minute Card

I decided that I needed to start building my ready made card stash as I seem to get caught out a lot and have to make a card in a hurry when I’m not really in the mood or very inspired. I checked out my Pinterest boards for simple designs and found one which I have basically used but changed a couple of things to account for the materials I have.

I began by cutting a piece of thick watercolour card 1cm smaller than my base card, which I then die cut a butterfly aperture out of and embossed using my bargain Verity Rose folder from The Works (Β£2, amazing!) 

The best part of making this card was going through my patterned papers and choosing one to stick behind the aperture. I went for a blue base colour, just for a change from super girly pinks and purples. I stamped the greeting on a scrap of card and then mounted it on to a strip of gemstones card stock which picked out the peachy coral tones in the flowers (it’s not as orange as in the photo). I attached it to the embossed panel and then selected a ribbon from my collection, again picking out the peachy tones. This was stuck down and tied in a knot rather than a bow, a look which I prefer but always forget to do.

I carefully stuck the patterned paper to the base card, trying to make sure the butterfly motif on it would be visible through the aperture (more luck than judgement in the end!) The final step was to use foam tape to stick the panel on to the front of the card.

Spot the butterfly!

This was a really quick make, and could easily be repeated with other shaped apertures.  The best bit is that it uses up paper and ribbon scraps too-you only need a piece of patterned paper slightly larger than the aperture. So many possibilities for different occasions, I’ll definitely be making more to keep on standby.  The greeting panel could even be left blank until the card is required (if you’re a confident stamper, if not it could be attached over the ribbon later on), so that it can be a birthday, thank you or anything else card!

What’s your go to quick card design when you’re in a hurry? Please share! 

29 thoughts on “30 Minute Card

  1. I always like these handmade cards, MrsCraft… whenever I see them I get the urge to have a go at creating my own. I saw your first image the wrong way around, however, and thought the butterfly was stuck onto the card, rather than being cut out. That’s my eyes for you…! πŸ˜‰

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