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Valentine’s Card Inspiration

Oh yes, it’s February and that means only one thing-heart themed craft! I was looking back at Valentine’s cards that I’ve made over the years and thought I’d share a few, partly to help me design this year’s and also to hopefully spread some love (and maybe inspiration!)

The amount of time spent on my cards appears to have a direct link to the age of my children at the time (and therefore how well they settled at night!)

This card was made when my son was 2 and I hadn’t had my daughter yet (but I was hugely pregnant and a bit tired!) Mr C had treated me to the Martha Stewart elephant punch so I used it to make a simple and quick card. Two elephants, a stamped greeting and die cut layers, two gems for eyes and some faux stitching and the job was done!

The next year we’d had our daughter too and I was really busy, with a full time (70 hours a week) job thrown in for good measure. This card was made entirely using my Cricut Cindy Loo cartridge in about 15 minutes, but the red, white and black made quite a striking mix. 

Last year I had bucket loads of time and made a fancy pants envelope card with it’s own box! Docrafts Owl Folk was just the job, and I heat embossed some owls to enhance it. It was one of those cards where you get your stash out and decide to use all the things! 

With it’s own little box!

I haven’t got photos of my other makes but one year (pre children!) I made a rather fancy waterfall card. It’s been fun revisiting my previous designs to help with this year’s, hope they’ve inspired you too!

41 thoughts on “Valentine’s Card Inspiration

    1. Thank you, I’ve no idea if we still have the cards, I had to trawl back through my Pinterest and Facebook pages to find the photos, hence why they’re so bad! They are probably in a drawer somewhere though. 😊


    1. Thank you. I don’t use mine a lot as I don’t have a dedicated craft space so it feels like a faff to get out, but it has it’s uses at times! I have used it for several of the same thing, e.g the year my friends all turned 30 I cut several ’30’s and bulk made some cards (my daughter was due the same month that 3 of the birthdays were in!) They seem fairly popular. 😊

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  1. I am now, well past retirement age, and having made cards all my life. After my mum passed a few years back my brother and I were clearing out her house and she had saved every card I had made her. From a card I had made at 3 years or age with a sort of flower scrawled on the front to cards I had made in my twenties – still very dull by todays standards. I spent a number of hours going through them before reluctantly burning them. I have too many cards stored from my own children I really did not have room for all mums treasures too.

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  2. I don’t have much call for Valentine Cards these days, but you have inspired me to make one for my grandchildren. I love all your ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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