Tutorial Tuesday-Heart Pompom

With only a week until Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share a tutorial on how to make these cute, but surprisingly simple, pompoms.

You will need:

A pompom maker (I used a 6.8cm one)

Yarn in 2 contrasting colours (scraps are good but you will need around 15g of the base colour for a ‘full’ looking pompom)

Sharp scissors


1)Β Using the base colour and starting at the left hand edge of one half of the pompom maker, make approximately 48 wraps of the yarn. You will need to make more wraps at the edge and reduce the thickness as you move around the ring, ending around one third of the way along with only 2 wraps over each other. (See photo)

2)Β Using the colour for the heart, and beginning approximately one third of the way in from the right hand side, make 100 wraps. You need to begin with only a few as this will form the point at the bottom of the heart. Make thicker and thicker layers as you move along, ending with a thinner layer of wraps over the base colour. You should finish around one quarter of the way in from the left hand edge with only one or two layers of the heart colour over the base colour at the left of the pompom maker. (This forms the top of the heart.)

Your heart colour should overlap some of your wraps in the base colour.

3) Using your base colour, and starting at one side of the pompom maker, completely fill the pompom maker (using a quite thin double knit yarn this took around 300 wraps).

4)Β Completely fill the other half of the pompom maker using the base colour only.

5) Carefully cut the yarn and tie together using a long strand of yarn, as per your pompom maker’s instructions. You will being to see the heart forming as you snip through the layers!

6) Trim off any uneven pieces of yarn, and there you have it! One beautiful pompom with a heart built in.

Think of the possibilities-a cute decoration, a whole bowl full of them as a table centrepiece, several strung together as a garland, or even just a sweet finishing touch to a hat! Have fun with it.

32 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday-Heart Pompom

  1. This is darling! I don’t know why but I have the worst time with pom pom makers. I always end up with a huge mess of yarn scraps and wonky unstable poms.

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