WIP Wednesday-8th February

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a WIP Wednesday post but here we are again! 

The camouflage blanket is still going strong, I’ve only managed 2 and a bit squares (out of 5) for part 4, but I have a day off work tomorrow thanks to having a poorly child off school so I will use the down time to try and get a bit further. Here are the squares I’ve done so far:

Each small square is rotated 90 degrees before crocheting the next one onto it using the chain spaces. I think it gives a lovely effect, though the polka dot one was very time consuming. (There’s only going to be one of those!)

I also broke my own rule and started another WIP, a mermaid tail for my niece. I decided to use my Aldi yarn from the last special buy event (UK readers will know what I’m on about!) and realised I am going to run out. There isn’t any for sale on eBay or anywhere but I need to put in a yarn order soon anyway so I will look for a suitable coordinating one to make the fin part. 

Mermaid tail car crochet action shot!

Now all I need to do is keep focused and not be drawn into the temptation of a new project before one of these is finished!

What are you working on? Are you a rule breaker when it comes to the number of WIPs you have?

Proudly linking up to Wool on Sundays with Janine at Rainbow Hare.

26 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-8th February

  1. Mmm, I got to the stage where I had 37 cross stitch wips, and suddenly began to lose heart as I couldn’t see any of them ever getting finished. I put them all away and took the three I had done most on, I finally had a happy dance, so took another out to keep it at three. Now the pile is reduced and there are about 9 wips, though I am still inclined to keep it to 3 I am currently working on I do sneak in a newbie when I go on holiday or if something tiny (like an ornament sal) comes along.
    I have never seen wool in our Aldi.

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  2. Rules are totally made to be broken if it’s for fun like this 🙂 I’m actually pretty good about my WIPS at the moment, probably helped by the fact that I’m crazy busy and it means I know what I’ll be working on at any given time 🙂

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  3. I have 2 wip blankets I’m trying to work on, one I ran out of my variegated yarn so I put it up for now and a camo C2C blanket I’m trying to get done before tomorrow (VD)for my sweety and just got some Icelandic RHSS yarn I want to see how it would look in a blanket…my shoulders and arms are telling me I need to give them all a rest , but just cant seem to do it …lol

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