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To Buy or Not to Buy?

That age old question that every crafter has to ask themselves at one point or another (or at many points!)

Today has been a grey day, the sky heavy with snow (the powdery kind, not the fun stuff), and we’ve been stuck indoors as my son is poorly. I’ve been crocheting whilst he rests and does jigsaws, and my daughter contented herself with her toy kitchen and the Lego. I’ve got to a point in my project now where I have a decision to make. Basically I used a beige colour (parchment, to be exact) as my ‘base’, which was fine until I realised that I am going to run out well before I reach the border. However, I have acquired  (thanks to a kind fellow crocheter), 800g of the khaki colour, most of which I still have. At the moment I am on part 3 of 6 (6 being the border), and I’m wondering whether I’d be better just switching the base colour to khaki. 

This is where my stubborn and slightly perfectionist inner voice comes into play. “But the rest has the parchment background, it just won’t look right.” Then the responsible adult bit of my brain acts “don’t be daft, it’s a waste of money to buy more when you’ve got plenty of another colour.” After that, the negotiator part calmly strolls in (the bit of my brain that sorts our playground arguments with no messing, like a well trained ninja) and reasons that, since stripes 1, 2 and 3 haven’t been joined yet, I could use the darker colour for 4 and 5 and then arrange them carefully to spread out the colours. Crisis averted, blanket (and money) saved!

Anyone else have internal debates over craft purchases? I love to buy, but I have to (reluctantly) make sensible choices most of the time. (One of my closest friends is having a baby soon and I will definitely be purchasing new wool for her baby blanket!)

40 thoughts on “To Buy or Not to Buy?

  1. At the moment I’m on such a strct budget that conversations about buying anything except food can’t come up. I know it;s unsustainable, but I have enough stash to last until I finish my PhD and (hopefully!) get a job! Then I guess I’ll start having these conversations

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    1. Good that you have enough stash to last you, it’ll very worth it in the end. I’m trying to use my stash as much as possible, unless there isn’t enough for a project. In this case I have enough so I’m going to stop being so picky! 😊


  2. I used to be terrible when it came to buying yarn I would just buy random colours and then I’d be stuck and actually needed different for projects. Now I’ve deffo learn to hold back and buy what I need. But you can never have enough yarn 😅

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  3. Substitutions sometimes turn out to be a better choice. How about trying the change a bit to see how it looks and then making your choice? I have debated ordering supplies for various crafts many a time so understand your dilemna.

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    1. It’s a tricky one but I think I’ll have to go with the substitution. It’s not out of place as I’m already using that colour in the project, I just hope it’s not too dark. (Mr C doesn’t care either way as long as he’s got a warm blanket!)

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  4. Your plan sounds great! I am of no help, because my reasoning would be that having saved money by using the green, I can now go and splurge on something else the money I might theoretically have spent on the parchment colour….

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  5. If you can use the substitution then give it a go but at the same time if you don’t like it then it would be a shame to go to all the trouble of making a blanket to not like it. See how it goes? And if you have to buy the other stuff then you have to.

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    1. Thanks, I’m hoping that because it’s a colour that’s already there in the blanket the switch shouldn’t make much difference as you can’t see the joins (which the base colour is used for), and the base colour isn’t too dominant in the granny stripes either. Fingers crossed! 😊

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    1. Thank you, you never know! I’ve had to hush my perfectionist voice a few times as the car is due it’s MoT shortly and I’ve a feeling it’ll cost more than a couple of balls of wool! So far the working well as it’s not a new colour, I’m just using it more than in the parts I’ve completed so far. 😊


      1. Ah. I guess it happens to the best of us. My friend has this huge collection that she doesn’t know what to use for. I told her to give them to me if she doesn’t make anything with them by the time she moves for college.
        She agreed. :p

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  6. Hello Mrs.Craft.
    I think you’ve got the perfect plan. Mix them in together and it look like you always planned for it to be that way!

    I have tons of stash (not wool but of the paper variety) and although I’m trying really really hard at the moment not to buy anymore, I know that the moment Graphic 45 brings a new selection to the UK, that plan will go by the by and I’ll spend. But I’m trying really hard not to.

    LOVE the squares you’ve shown us in the photo. Such wonderful colours.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs.x

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    1. Thanks, I’m hoping it’s the right choice, it’s not like adding a whole new colour. I’m trying hard not to make any craft purchases but I’m terrible for wanting to try new techniques, which inevitably need a new purchase here or there.

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      1. Ohh I know EXACTLY what you mean.
        My problems are the same … wanting to try a new product and when I eventually buy it … sometimes … it doesn’t live up to it’s promise. I have many things in my craft room which haven’t lived up to their promise, and when I look at them all I see is pound signs! grrrrr.

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  7. I don’t crochet but I can totally relate to this. Recently on a mixed media face book page I was alerted to the fact that Lidl had some fab products at great prices. I had to show great self discipline ,I wanted to go and buy the products ,but I actually did not need them as I have a room full of stash. I know it’s not quite the same thing but I can relate x

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  8. That sounds like a familiar kind of dilemma! I’ve started to think that these kinds of choices are so hard because both would look equally good. I spent about two hours in an optician the other day with my daughter who was trying to choose between two pairs of very similar glasses (one much more expensive) but it took her no time to rule out every other frame in the shop…

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