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Love is…

Today is Valentine’s Day (just in case you’ve missed the constant reminders everywhere!), a day to celebrate love of all kinds, a day many strongly dislike for various reasons, including its over commercialisation. Personally, I don’t mind it; I’ve spent the day with my mum and my children as Mr C is in the middle of a long run of night shifts. It’s given me plenty of time to reflect on what love is, and how we show it in our family.

Love is…

Sharing your favourite teddy with your sister. (W, aged 5)

Spending your Tesco Clubcard vouchers on two boxes of your husband’s favourite cereal. (Mrs C)

Holding hands with your granny, whilst walking down the lane and chatting away. (J, aged 2)

Spending a 45 minute car journey patiently trying to answer deep scientific questions, such as ‘how was space made?’ (Mrs C)

Giving your mum a Valentine’s card and then pestering her to give you one of the chocolates that you put inside it. (J, aged 2)

Proudly displaying the card adorned with all of the sprinkles your child could find at preschool and not even thinking about the amount of hoovering that will ensue. (Mrs C)

Buying a bouquet with pink roses in, because you know they mean a lot. (Mr C)

Being given a bouquet containing pink roses, our wedding flowers.(Mrs C)

Spending two hours making a card, not quite being happy with it, abandoning it, then giving up and hoping it’s OK in the morning. (Mrs C)

Enthusiastically and gratefully receiving the aforementioned not quite perfect handmade card. (Mr C)

Organising a babysitter and planning a surprise meal (even if the surprise was inadvertently given away!) (Mr C)

Playing football in the freezing cold, even if the referee makes some dubious decisions over goalscoring. (Mrs C and W)

Being allowed to wear a pumpkin dress and wellies together, just because. (J, aged 2)

Enjoying a cuppa and long overdue chat with your mum. (Mrs C)

Smiling as you get home from a day out to discover over 40 messages in your group chat on messenger with your friends. (Mrs C)

What does love mean to you? Feel free to share!

21 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. It is absolutely what love is all about. It’s the little fleeting moments we always take for granted. My fiancΓ© and I almost broke up last October after 10 years together. Once we talked it out and realised the problem was that we had let external stresses stop us from having fun together, we decided to ignore all the pressure and just have fun. Now we’re all loved up again just in time for Valentine’s Day. P.s. The cards are beautiful! 😁


  2. To me love means giving of your self ( spending time with or keeping a promise, or just doing something unexpected for someone) to show them they are loved and appreciated….not just on Valentine’s Day but any day

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