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WIP Wednesday-15th February

Well, this week came up with a surprise WIP and it’s been turned into a finished object already! On Monday I was clearing a cupboard and found this:

It had been packed away for at least 18 months, possible longer and harks back to a time when I was delusional enough to think I would finish a blanket made from 10cm squares. Back then I still worked full time and crocheted mainly on car journeys.  The plan was to make a blanket for our daughter and Mr C joked that it’d probably be done for her 21st birthday.  Fortunately the hook was still with it, along with the yarns I’d used. I’d got as far as making 2 rows of 10 squares, and for a day I wondered what to do with the crumpled and sorry looking strip of squares.

In the end I decided I couldn’t/wouldn’t finish it as my technique has changed so much it wouldn’t have matched. I decided to frog some of the joins  (I’d used the join as you go method),  and rejoin those squares in a 5×4 formation and turn it into a doll’s blanket. It was pretty quick to do that, an evening’s work at most. However, the squares are really wonky as I didn’t turn them each round when I made them. (I also didn’t know about blocking!) It was a bit disappointing but I weighed it up and decided not to frog it all.

I then added a border. Because it was only small, I decided it was a great opportunity to experiment with a new stitch. I’d had a go at crab stitch briefly before but abandoned it as it didn’t suit the project. This time it seemed suitable but I could not make it work. I could do about 10 stitches on auto pilot and then I started thinking about it and I couldn’t do it any more. (You know that feeling when you’re spelling and word and look at it again and can’t decide whether it’s right or wrong, even though you’ve written it thousands of times before? It was just like that.) In the end a combination of just about every YouTube video and photo tutorial enabled me to complete the whole thing.  It’s made a lovely sturdy border with a great texture, as long as you don’t look too closely at my tension!

I don’t think there are any more projects lurking, although it was nice to see that  (in my humble opinion!) my crochet technique has improved over time. I’ve read ‘warnings’ before about picking up old WIPs as your tension and so on changes with experience and for me that is certainly true.

I’ve also been working on Mr C’s blanket, I’m only a few rows away from finishing part 4. I have used the darker green as the ‘main’ colour for the border (see my post to Buy or Not to Buy for the full saga) and so far I think it’s working well for me. (No danger of this ending up in a cupboard for almost 2 years, Mr C would remind me constantly!)

The mermaid tail has remained untouched for this week, as I’ve been busy with other projects and the half term holidays (lots of lovely visits to friends and family, plus a less than lovely trip to the dentist planned later in the week).

What are you working on? What happens to your long forgotten WIPs- frog or finish? Let me know!

24 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-15th February

  1. I love the colours in this, the border finishes it off beautifully. I currently have about 5 WIP’s! I actually like the feeling I get knowing they are there waiting for me!

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