WIP Wednesday-22nd February

It’s been another busy week here, with progress being made on the camouflage blanket. Part 4 is now complete and all of the ends on parts 1-4 have been sewn in neatly ready for joining. I was so excited I had to lay all of the parts out to see how they’ll look together (if nothing else it’ll be huge!)

The edge rows of part 4 took me the longest of all, as there were so many colour changes and each row took about 45 minutes in the end as the colours alternated for each cluster. The finished effect is lovely though, I quite like the zigzags.

I think the darker green works nicely as the main colour here, even after all of the worrying about whether to order any more of the parchment colour.

Here’s a photo of parts 1-4 together.

I’m hoping to have completely finished by the end of March at the latest. Part 5 is already coming along, with 5 of the 11 mitre squares completed and the others on their way. Sadly, grown up tasks like going to work, folding washing and so on seem to be slowing down my progress!

I haven’t done anything else, apart from buying the yarn for my next WIP which is a lot smaller than this one!

What are you working on? Do you ever feel frustrated with the rate of progress of your projects?

35 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-22nd February

  1. I think it’s looking good 🙂 haven’t done anything for a couple of days as I was trying to catch up with reading for Goodreads..quite fancy having a go at macrame…

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  2. Your blanket is awesome! It really does remind me of camouflage. And the green is the perfect choice. I started a temperature blanket the other day, had 5 rows on and noticed it is bowing. And my ends are not straight. So yesterday I ripped it out and started over with a larger hook for the chain and doing half dc for the pattern instead of the clusters I was doing. I am trying to keep my ends straight, but it has always been the worst part for me. So that has slowed me down. I also want to cross stitch (on a couple of projects), scrapbook, make cards and prep for my next couple of classes. Everyday life stuff definitely does get in the way of crafting. Today I have to take my Mom to a doctor’s appointment. I will be taking my crochet with me 🙂

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    1. Thanks, I think the camouflage effect is beginning to take shape. I get so frustrated when I can’t get the ends straight (as in your blanket!) Hope you get it all sorted so you can get up to date with it. I take my crochet everywhere but my dentist is too efficient and called me in before I got to do any in the waiting room.


  3. I am currently working on a slug-yarn blanket but ran out of yarn… that’s the story of my life. Up until two days ago, I have four projects waiting for more yarn… that’s my real frustration. Where I live, we don’t have very good supply of yarn so I have order everything online… so my WIP have to wait for the additional yarn cause I always always end up short on yarn. I love your color combo of greens btw.

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