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Cheers Doris!

UK readers will know that Thursday was a tad blowy here thanks to Storm Doris. She caused a fair amount of havoc locally in the form of blown over trees, power cuts and lorries tipped on their sides. I was at work in the morning and drove home at lunch, and it was not a pleasant experience. My little car felt like it weighed nothing and was all over the road. As I pulled up on the drive I breathed a huge sigh of relief, but I was then faced with the decision of whether to walk or drive on the school run. In the end I walked as I didn’t fancy going out in the car, and it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. (The children were grumpy about walking home but they survived!)

Mr C went and checked the allotment this morning and so far all seems well. Sadly the same cannot be said for our plastic greenhouse in the garden. I’ll start with the positive, in that it is still actually in the garden. However, the winds snapped the poles in the front part, and the shelves were buffeted around like feathers. Unfortunately the shelves had our newly potted strawberries on them, and they fared pretty badly.

We might be needing a new one of those then…

There isn’t a photo of the carnage inside as basically it’s just a load of compost on the floor. I began the clean up operation by locating the pots which still contained plants and did a head count. Around 15 were missing, though most were fairly easily located with a quick scout around the floor and behind pots. They’ve been repotted and since the weather is windy again today I have put the pots in larger containers and left them on the floor of the greenhouse for now. 

I’m hoping the weather returns to a more stable state soon, so that work on the plot can continue. A bit of nicer weather would be lovely for me too, as Saturday mornings now appear to look like this, thanks to a football mad 5 year old!

I hope you didn’t suffer too much damage from the storm. 


45 thoughts on “Cheers Doris!

  1. Sorry Doris got you too, what a mess she has left. If you pop over to my blog you will see the damage she left us (very last picture). We couldn’t even start to clear it until the insurance assessor came (about half an hour ago), and as its now starting to rain again I am hoping we will be able to start to move some of it tomorrow.

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  2. Oh dear, how frustrating. Doris felt like the worst storm in ages and went on for hours, but all we lost was a wheelie bin lid. You have my sympathies!

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  3. I think we missed the worst of partner’s barbecue will never be the same shape and Mum’s plastic greenhouse looks as if it’s been stamped on…hope your plants recover x

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      1. Not really-I mean, it stayed where it was supposed to but it just got squashed. Luckily Mum only had some bulbs and her rosemary plant in their and they were all right.

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    1. You were lucky, I wouldn’t have fancied cycling either. I know nothing about football boots, I bet the people in sports direct thought I was a nutter as I literally only knew what shoe size we needed, not what kind of boots or anything.


  4. This makes me miss New England where I grew up on the coast where hurricanes reign supreme. Although completely annoying and absolutely dangerous, there’s just something about a good strong storm that makes me experience the ultimate sublime. Hurricane lamps. I miss them.

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      1. You most definitely know what a hurricane is like! That’s the speed of the wind in one (and it can be faster, sometimes 150 mph if it’s a really bad one).

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  5. I’m so thankful that you and yours are all in one piece, and although the greenhouse damage is a pain in the you know where, it’s something you will be able to recover from, and hopefully the plants you collected back up and repotted will be fine and ‘saveable’. Fingers crossed.

    Doris really was a horrible old biddy. Scared me half to death. We have protected 100ft+ pine trees in our garden, and loads more of them in the surrounding area, and I stood in our conservatory watching these huge trees swaying and bending, and listening to the pine cones raining down on our conservatory roof like mini explosions. The wind was so strong that it was ripping them from the trees and blowing them SO fast that they must have been landing at quite some speed.
    I stood there and prayed that the trees wouldn’t come crashing down on our little cottage.
    When I went to bed I lay there trying to work out how to go about rescueing our three cats, two chickens, one rabbit and our chubby dog, and keep them safe, if the worst happened. Darn storms. They’re horrid.

    On another note … How on earth did you get all that mud off those football boots???
    {imagine a shocked face – wide eyes – mouth even wider with shock.} Right at the moment I looked at them I actually said out loud: “Thank Heavens we had girls!” LOL
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. That sounds terrifying with all of the pine cones falling. I was very worried on play duty at the school I was working at, though we abandoned and went to the safety of indoors once we realised how relentless it was.
      As for the boots, I’ve not attempted it yet. They are drying out gently beside a radiator and I’m hoping the biggest lumps will fall off. Then a damp cloth will hopefully get the rest off. He did look too darn cute in his little football socks, boots and shin pads though. x

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  6. Oh no 😦 sorry to hear the storm hit you, I can’t believe how windy it was! The lights in my office flickered during the day and the doors to the outside weren’t closing properly so people had to make sure they weren’t going to be hit as they entered the building. Hopefully the strawberries are tougher than you think and will grow big and juicy. πŸ™‚ x

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  7. Sorry to hear about your greenhouse Mrs C… I thought to log in today with my Gardening Blog Mrs C.. Storm Doris was very scary.. Lots of branches off trees locally and fences down..
    We were lucky no damage.. My hubby too went to the allotment to see if the sheds and greenhouse were still standing.. and they were fine, although a neighbouring allotment had some of his glass broken in his..
    I thought to log in with my gardening blog as I wanted to show you the crochet shawl I had done.. if you do have time to visit. scroll down it says Crocheting in the title.. πŸ™‚

    I have not been in blog land for a week, so its good to catch up with you and know all is well with you..
    Take care and Happy Crafting..
    Hugs Sue xxx

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  8. The day of the storm was a nightmare for me! I work in a train station and you wouldnt beleive how many people had absolutely no idea why there were so many delays and cancellations. Had they not been outside? Then asking if it would be better to go to another station! Thr whole country is suffering, so no! I did laugh. Sorry about your strawberries. I hope they all pulled through ok.

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