WIP Wednesday-1st March 

Did someone say March? That means it’s pretty much spring and the cosiness of my nearly finished WIP will soon no longer be required! (Is it wrong to hope for a short cold spell so my blanket gets some use?) However, after 2 and a bit months we are nearly there. The Bluebird’s Granny CAL blanket is at the joining stages, here it is all laid out ready.

I don’t think the darker stripes stand out too badly and I have enough of each colour left for the borders. I haven’t even read that far ahead yet, but I do know that each round will take approximately 1 and a half hours, based on the time taken to do the stripes (almost 24 feet of crochet is no laughing matter!)

I am really pleased that I worked the double crochet edging rows as I finished each strip so that they are all ready to join, and that I sewed in the ends on each strip as I went along. I’ve started joining already, but not enough to make it photo worthy!

Before I got to the joining stage I had to make the granny stripes along part 5 and it is possibly the most complicated thing I’ve done. I had 36 bobbins of yarn paperclipped to my project and spent most of the time being paranoid about tangles (luckily my fears were unfounded). It was slow progress but the finished piece looked quite smart, it’s amazing what you can do with the humble granny stitch!

This is the state my work was in on Sunday!

This blanket is all I’ve worked on this week as I’m heading for the finish line!

What have you been working on this week? Are any of your projects almost finished? I’d love to hear!

30 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-1st March 

  1. Wow!! That looks amazing!! I’m not quite ready for Spring which is a really bizarre thing to hear myself say – we have had the mildest winter and though I despise the cold I feel like I was robbed of it! I barely had anything to “grumpy old lady” complain about!!

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    1. There’s so many to choose from! I like them as you always learn something new, I’ve found out so much about colour work from this. Sophie’s universe is a good one for learning lots of new stitches but it is very intense in term of counting and concentration. Hope you find one you fancy doing. 😊


  2. The blanket is looking great! I’m sure the Brutish weather means it will get used soon enough! When I used to work on libraries knitting projects and had a similar bobbin concern, I used to cut a plastic drinking straw into three or four pieces and thread the yarn through them. It really did help stop any tangling.

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    1. That’s a good idea! I stabbed the end of the paperclip through the card bobbin and hooked it through the blanket so they couldn’t tangle but it wasn’t a foolproof method!

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  3. Wow! That is looking amazing! Can’t wait to see it all put together. I am working on way too many projects at the moment; scrapbooking, card making, crocheting a temperature blanket, cross stitching on 2 projects, getting ready for a scrapbook fundraiser tomorrow. Next week I will tone down my list 🙂

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    1. You have so much on, but it all sounds fab. Thanks for the lovely comment about the blanket, I’m on to the borders now so hopefully not long to go.


  4. Wow it looks wonderful! I really want to get into a CAL but I always seem to have something else on… I’m working on a (soon to be useless) hot water bottle cover as a small project but even that has been too much this week… i’ve managed no crochet this week! It’s an utter tragedy 😦

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    1. Thank you, I’ve never done a CAL in ‘real time’, only afterwards using the patterns. I’d really like to do one though so I’m looking for new ones starting. Hope you get some crochet time soon! 😊


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