Finished Object Monday

I know, I know, it doesn’t have the same ring as ‘Finished Object Friday’, but I am impatient to share my latest finish and Friday is 4 whole days away (96 hours!)

I’ve been working on the Bluebird’s Granny CAL by Bluebird and Daisy. It’s a 6 part CAL (including the border) and has taken me since early December, with about 4 of those weeks not involving any work on this at all. It measures around 6 feet by 6 feet, and weighs a lot (I’m estimating around 2kg!) It was a fab CAL with detailed instructions, and before I started I had a chat (through the blog) with Tracey, who wrote the pattern. She said it should be ‘doable’ with 4 colours and it certainly was. I’d have liked a mid brown colour but there weren’t any I liked in aran weight so I used chocolate, meadow and parchment Stylecraft Special and a khaki colour from aldi. I also used a 5 mm hook, after a bit of experimenting with swatches to determine the best one for the yarn.

I’m so glad I picked this CAL as making a man sized blanket using the same stitch, either in rounds or rows, would potentially have been a bit dull and I think my motivation would have really flagged. Because each section felt like a mini project, and some only took a week, it seems to have been completed in no time. (Mr C would disagree, he’s been waiting ages for his blanket!)

I very much adapted the border parts as I didn’t have enough yarn for 8 rounds (until I found the missing bag of yarn when tidying). Once I’d done a couple of rounds of Granny stitches I decided to add a nice solid round to structure them and stop the edges from stretching. I went for a crab stitch, which was a brave move after my last experience with it. Surprisingly I had remembered the technique and whizzed through it (well, as much as you can whizz through over 2000 stitches!)

Here is a photo of the final stitch being made:

Today I gave the blanket a photo shoot on the patio (not very glamorous in March but there weren’t many places which had both the space and the light to take the photos I wanted to achieve). I was dubious about the colours to begin with but I think the finished project looks really pretty now. (Don’t tell Mr C I said that, it’s meant to be a manly blanket!)

The whole thing flat out! (Luckily I hadn’t washed it yet)
A different pose!
My favourite zig zag stripes

When it’s all laid out, I think the strips where I had to use khaki as the main colour contrast nicely with those that had parchment backgrounds.

I learned so much from this project about changing colours, planning how to use them, and about trying to maintain an even tension. All very useful skills for future WIPs. (I also wove in a heck of a lot of ends!)

Now I might have a relax under the lovely blanket whilst Mr C is at work, and start to plan my next projects!

50 thoughts on “Finished Object Monday

  1. I’m really impressed! It looks brilliant, good colour combination too. I might have to have a look at crocheting..I never learned πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. Just love it, thank you for your kind words about the pattern, I fell out with it when designing it but yours had made me quite like it again

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  3. Wow! That turned out amazing πŸ™‚ One of my favorite blankets was from a CAL I did in 2015 where I had to pick out four colors and guess which ones to use where, without knowing the whole design. And yes, all those ends to weave in when doing something like this! Luckily, I had woven in all ends except for the edging as I went along. I’m sure Mr Craft is going to be extremely happy with his new blankie!

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    1. Thank you, he said it’s lovely. It’s so worth sewing in the ends as you go along with such a large project, other wise it’d never be finished! (Or you’d give it away and tell the recipient they were a design feature!)

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      1. LOL…Believe it or not, I actually saw an afghan gifted at a baby shower once that looked like it had been made from scraps and none of the ends were sewn in. That was a crazy looking blanket πŸ˜€ So, apparently some people detest weaving in ends.

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      2. Oh my goodness! I didn’t think it would really happen! I wonder if she.maybe finished it 5 minutes before the baby shower and told the mummy she would sew them in later?

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