WIP Wednesday-8th March

This week there is no crochet, not one project on my hook right now (apart from the mermaid tail which I’ve not done any more to). Instead I have a sewing project, or rather 4!

My boss came to see me and asked if I could make some worry monsters for our school to help children with certain emotional needs. She had an idea of what she wanted and I went home and researched, drew a pattern and made a prototype. It got the seal of approval and so I set up a mini production line to make another 3.

4 monsters, all at different stages

So far the only complete one is the prototype. Another is ready to be stuffed and the other two need sewing. Each has a pocket on the front, and the child who owns the monster writes their worry on a slip of paper and buttons it into the pocket, therefore ‘giving’ the worry to the monster. I thought it was a sweet idea and was happy to help.

My plan is to scan in the pattern and write a tutorial, along with a bit more detail about the monsters and their uses.

I happen to think they are pretty smart, and will hopefully finish the others ready to hand over shortly.

What are you working on? My next project is a baby blanket, which I’ll start as soon as the monsters have been completed. 

40 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-8th March

    1. Aw, he sounds fab, I’d love to see him. The original idea had a zipped mouth but nothing behind through zip so I suggested a pocket as I thought getting hold of 6cm long zips might also prove tricky! x x

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  1. I love them! A great idea! It’s a bit of different idea but my knitting group make ‘pookies’ ( on Ravelry) which are small knitted toys that fit in a pocket of both children and also homeless people. The feedback we get is that they bring a lot of comfort to adults and children…and the children often tell their pookie things, they wouldn’t say directly to an adult.

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  2. These are a great idea and something my two children would have benefitted from. I love the idea of ‘feeding’ your worries to a monster. Maybe you should work on a new line of adult ones with an extra big pocket!

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    1. Good idea! Perhaps if I drew up the pattern it could just be enlarged depending on the degree of worry! I’d have liked one when I was little, in fact I would probably use it now.

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    2. These are lovely, think the design is super cute, and the monsters look like they can be approached and will keep worries safely. Have to admit I had not heard of these, but I love the theory, hope they work .

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  3. Wow they are awesome ideas. Think I will have to do a similar thing with my soon. He isn’t one to express himself or gets to angry to explain why he feels that way, but he is only 3.

    Im currently making a baby blanket too which I saw on website. Will be doing a blog when I finish but I don’t know how long that the blanket will take me.

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