Decisions, Decisions

Today I have a few minutes to myself so I’m making swatches for a baby blanket. It’s a super special blanket, for one of my closest friends, so I want it to be perfect. Choosing colours proved to be hard, but I went for mint, grey and white as they look lovely together. The pattern, however, is a different matter entirely.

My first thought was the beautiful shells pattern, I love how intricate intricate looks. Once I’d done a few rounds I began to wonder if it had too many holes for little fingers. 

It is a very pretty pattern, though. However I’ve put that on hold temporarily whilst I investigate others. I quite like the neat ripple pattern, so I made up a gauge swatch so I can work out my foundation chain length.

I think ripples also look quite nice, but even they have tiny holes between the trebles. The only patterns with no holes use double crochet (US single) and take a really long time to work up, as well as being a little bit boring! (To me at least.)

What baby blanket patterns have you made? How lacy is too lacy? Please share your favourites, and your baby blanket tips. I’d love some ideas and inspiration as I’m itching to get started.

(I’m also beginning to think that being at grown up is far too much like hard work, all these decisions and things that have to be considered!)

35 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Being a grownup is hard! When my daughter was born I made her a small blanket (about the size of her). I single crocheted it, but did bobbles for texture & sensory play, it turned out cute, and I could put it over her in her car seat.

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  2. Maybe try a woven crochet blanket. The chain spaces between the stitches get closed up when you do the weave. Plus you can make a lovely plaid pattern so it won’t be boring at all! That square is so pretty by the way – maybe mom could put it over a receiving blanket on chilly nights.

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  3. I love the neat ripple pattern for baby blankets and have made several. My nearly four year old still loves his.
    A granny square blanket was the first thing I ever made when I learned to crochet as a child.

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  4. I have never crocheted anything, as we know. Both the patterns are very pretty and difficult to choose between them, but the shell pattern looks so delicate and special. Could you maybe back the blanket with fabric or fleece if you are worried about little digits getting caught?

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  5. I made this one: and it was a lot of fun. I also made this one: It uses a ton of yarn; however it’s beautiful! Here’s another one: I’m currently knitting my first baby blanket. It’s the Malt Blanket pattern from Tin Can Knits. However, if I remember correctly, you don’t knit? Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be loved!

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  6. hmm, the only baby blanket I’ve made was that nightmare Dick Bruna one, and that was knitted. Yarn Harlot has made several baby blankets, and she generally does laceweight with holes, although I guess they probably are smaller than yours…

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    1. I’ve gone down to a 3.5mm hook but wondering if a 3 might be better. There’d still be holes though. I once knitted a baby blanket and vowed never again.


  7. Lots of great patterns linked above, love the colours , agree it looks really delicate and inviting.
    If you are going gender neutral I think stripes /waves or bobbles would be great.e which ever you choose will be awesome:)

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