WIP Wednesday-15th March

As I typed this, I realised that I haven’t crocheted now for 4 days! I’m not ill (well, I’m a bit stuffy and full of cold) but I have been busy with work stuff so crochet, and everything else fun, has been on hold.

However, I did settle on which pattern to use for the baby blanket. In the end I decided on the beautiful shells, and managed a few more rounds. It’s quite a nice simple and repetitive pattern so easy to pick up and put down.

Bizarrely, a photo of this has been my most ‘liked’ instagram photo. Considering how simple it is, I do think it is an effective pattern and mummy to be likes it too! 

I think crochet might have to be kept on hold for a while longer as I have Mother’s Day and birthday cards to make. It’s quite nice to know I have a project there waiting for me though. 

What are you working on right now? How do you make time for craft when you are so busy with other things?

42 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-15th March

  1. I know how you feel! I’ve only just picked up a hook today and had no time to blog. Currently making a bag using the star stitch no pattern just winging it 😅. I love the choice you made, those colours are so beautiful xxx

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  2. This pattern looks very fancy and complicated to people that don’t know how to crochet. I always feel a little guilty when people are impressed with a basic HDC or DC project that I’ve made. The colors really go together very nicely! 😀

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  3. i have a few skeins of pipsqueek yarn for a blanket. I’ve done a similar one before, but it was for a baby. this time it is for me! 🙂 I’ve used this stitch for a baby blanket too, but it was in rows not a granny square type. i got the pattern online. I think it was called Catherine’s Wheel baby blanket. It’s pretty neat. I love the color combo by the way

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  4. Gorgeous, love the colours, might have to try this pattern 🙂 At the moment we’re knee deep in a big decorating project, so I’m spending my days stripping wallpaper, lining walls, painting….my sewing room has become my refuge in the evening!

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  5. The blanket is looking gorgeous! I find my crafting goes in fits and starts. If I’m busy then it’s often one of the first things to get dropped. I’m in a show at the moment, and I’ve barely got enough time to sleep, let alone anything else! But it makes me all the more keen to get back to crafting when the busy-ness subsides.

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  6. This is so lovely, and you make it look so easy, 🙂 and I am sure one day i will get into the swing of creating something as neat looking.. 🙂 with my Crochet hooks.. 🙂 Hope all is well with you Mrs C… Sending thoughts your way for a Peaceful weekend xx

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