WIP Wednesday-22nd March

I think this week’s WIP Wednesday needs to be renamed ‘Work in not very much progress Wednesday’. (I’m not quite sure how the acronym for that one works though, WINVP is pretty hard to pronounce!) I’ve been doing just about everything except crochet, although I did manage two rounds of the beautiful shells baby blanket. 

I’m hoping things around here get a bit less busy after the next couple of weeks, though allotment planting time is drawing ever closer!

Hopefully your week has been more successful than mine craft wise! What have you been working on? 

34 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-22nd March

  1. This stitch is so pretty. The scalloped edge is so attractive. I am wondering if it would be possible to learn crochet from YouTube….Projects? A couple of Mother’s Day cards and some more dog blanket squares. I think my report would say I must try harder!

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      1. I hope so, I’ve got another batt of this color and then I need to get a half pound done for my mother before Mother’s Day- which between the spinning and plying should get me caught up.

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  2. Love this pattern – and this color combo is just as lovely as the last one! I am down to 1 wip – not counting my long term mandala. I have promised myself not to start another project until I finish a shells and v stitch blanket for my sister in law that I started in January. I’m not sure how long I can hold out for so I better finish it quick! πŸ˜€

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  3. I like your blanket! Maybe it could be “WIPs in not a lot of progress Wednesday” which would make it WINALOP Wednesday, which is pretty close to WINALOPE, a mythical antelope as well as perhaps a canceled Microsoft secret software project.

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  4. I really like these colours, and the pattern is so pretty. I’m working on a blanket with a lovely diamond pattern for Little Dot, it’s only 137 stitches per row, but I’ve only managed 85 rows so far. My mum had to rescue me several times at first, but touch wood the last 70 rows have gone ok

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  5. Lovely colours, is it the time of year? Seems everything is getting in the way of crafting this week. I have had to fight to get creation time this week. It’s my mummy me time after all.

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