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Life: Expectations versus Reality

We all have an idea of how we want our lives to be, though some aspects are more realistic than others! Some things are dreams and long term goals (larger house, permanent job), whilst others are shorter term views of how we want smaller parts of our lives to be (managing to look like a functioning adult whilst handling two small children in public).

Today feels like one of those days where nothing is how I want it to be, the kind of day where you wished you’d just stayed in bed. It’s not the worst day, and I know that there are more awful things going on in the world than a few minor mess ups, but at the time it’s so easy to feel bogged down. (My aim isn’t to moan, as much as it sounds like it, more to demonstrate that real life isn’t ‘Instagram Perfect’, every day does not involve sunshine and a herd of unicorns shooting puffs of rainbow coloured glitter from their bottoms.) 

This morning my daughter and I went to Aldi, as we normally do on our Tuesday ‘adventures’ (her words, not mine). Between the car, which is well stocked with baby wipes and so on, and the door of the supermarket, she developed a runny nose. Not the kind you can hide, but the worst big green candle type affair which makes even the strongest stomach heave. I rummaged in my bag for a tissue. There was nothing apart from my purse, phone, a billion receipts and a lip gloss. Oh, and a pad of Post It notes. I’d already put the pound in the trolley so I had to wing it. Guess what I wiped her nose on? They aren’t the best thing for the job, and 6 years ago when we found out we were expecting our first baby, I did not envisage parenting to involve wiping noses with office stationery in the middle of a supermarket. When we got home I put tissues into my bag straight away!

I am also waiting to hear back about a job that I applied for. I heard the familiar ping of an email alert from my phone and got all excited, only to discover it was an email from ‘HMRC’ about a positively enormous tax refund. Nice try scammers, but I think HMRC would know that the word ‘amount’ has only one ‘m’. Disappointing really, as the ‘ammount’ due back to me was almost a year’s salary. (I’ve reported it to Hotmail as a phishing scam.)

To help me relax after the delights of shopping, I thought I’d do some crochet. I sat down and pretty soon realised that on the previous round I’d made an error, so instead of doing more and adding to the blanket I pulled down a round and a half! After having so many little things not go to plan, I’m thinking of avoiding anything else I can mess up today. Definitely no driving, probably no cooking (today I could probably mess up boiled eggs!), and I’m keeping away from the iron.

Fingers crossed those unicorns and their rainbow trumps return tomorrow. (I’m wondering if the clock change is to blame for the chaos? That and the full moon!)

I’ll leave you with this basket of rainbows all ready for spinning.

32 thoughts on “Life: Expectations versus Reality

    1. Thank you. I was all up for using her sleeve but it was her brand new Peppa Pig top and I didn’t fancy breaching the peace with the tantrum she’d have had. My son is very much a ‘cuff it’ kind of child though šŸ˜‚

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  1. so sorry you’re having one of those days. We all have them, and staying away from cooking and ironing is the only known cure! had to smile at the creative post it use, guess it ended up sticky on both sides šŸ˜‰ (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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    1. Oh yes, some days are all about the creativity šŸ˜‚ seaside trips spring to mind there, when you’re searching all through the car for something for them to wear on the way home as they’ve got wet.

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    1. Thanks very much, I’m hoping they arrive quickly, but with minimal mess as I’ve just cleaned the floors. Magical or not, of they leave hoof prints they’ll be shown the door!


  2. Ah yes, the ‘I am a walking disaster zone’ days. What you need to do is surround yourself with an impenetrable magic circle of chocolate and/or cake. Gradually nom your way out and I am pretty sure you will be seeing unicorns again. They may be sugar induced hallucinations, but who cares?

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  3. I can’t totally relate to you! I’ve been having them days for a week šŸ˜…šŸ˜… hope you have a rainbow filled day for the rest of it. Also agree with the instagram lifestyle! Bloody frauds lol.

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  4. My prescription for an acute case of “Bad Dayitis” is a glass (or 2) of cheap wine and a nap! Or a lovely cup of chamomile tea if that is your preferred refreshment. Either will do the trick – the nap is the key part of the treatment! Hope you have an extra super day tomorrow to balance out the ‘boogery day’ you had today! šŸ™‚

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  5. Sorry to hear you’re having a rubbish day. Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow. There’s a lot they don’t tell you about parenting before you sign up to it. But I’m sure the post-it note is one of those that will put a smile on your face in future recantations.

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  6. I hope it’s just a glitch and tomorrow normal service will resume for you. We all have those days, best to just get to bed nice and early and start afresh tomorrow. I’ve just made some SW mini quiches and realised as I took them out of the oven that I forgot to spray the muffin tin with the trusty fry light. That’s going to be interesting getting them out! Xx

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  7. Bad days are like dominos falling, once one bad thing goes they all start to fall, like a line of dominos. Bad luck days. I hope the coming days are better with lots of rainbows and sparkles. I think good days can be like dominos falling too. One thing goes right…my fingers are crossed for you.

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