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An April Fool’s Day Birthday

Tomorrow is a special day, my ‘baby’ is 3. I still can’t believe that I had a baby on April Fool’s Day but never mind, I guess someone has to have it as a birthday. I hope she appreciates how awesome her date of birth is, 1.4.14 is like a maths whizz’s dream come true. (She does like numbers actually, as in she’s aware if her brother gets more than her!)

Anyway, I did my usual trick of thinking there’d be a fairy to make her card. Low and behold, the night before her birthday I had to get out the craft stash and make one myself. I chose a decoupage kit I’ve had for years, as she likes animals, cake and strawberries so I decided it would be just the job! I also couldn’t be bothered (naughty mummy) to get the Cricut machine out to cut out a single number 3 so I turned a self adhesive letter ‘w’ on it’s side. No one ever needs to know that it’s not really a 3!

I adore the strawberry glitter paper from the decoupage pad and paired with a gingham paper I think it looks even sweeter. A little spotty ribbon and a love heart diamantΓ© on the dog’s nose made simple finishing touches.  All made whilst the tea cooked, multi tasking at its best!

I can’t wait for the morning when she opens her card and presents, we have a special day out planned which we are all very excited about. Hopefully there’ll be lots of photos and a blog post to follow.

47 thoughts on “An April Fool’s Day Birthday

  1. The W works perfectly for a 3! Nice invention! Absolutely gorgeous card – the dog is so cute, plus cake, and glitter….a really special card. Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. And, remember to take tissues…

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  2. This is so cute! And you know actually I know so many people with their birthdays on the 1st of April! And two of them are in my husband’s family (his cousin and uncle). How weird!

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  3. So cute! I’m glad all the stores are closed so I can’t run out and buy starter supplies for card making. I suppose the date is useful for making silly puns about existence and age. 1 April and 28 February are dates that some people just have to be born on.

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    1. That is true, but I was determined not to have an April Fool’s Day baby! Oh well, it’s hard to forget her birthday. No one believed me when I called to tell them we’d had her.

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      1. I just laughed out loud and then felt sorry for laughing. The struggle is real with these types of birthdays. But the bright side is that everyone remembers her birthday, which means your little girl will always be congratulated and happy on her birthday.

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  4. The W is perfect, it adds just a little flair. I’m loving all of your cards and it’s really making me want to drag out all of my stuff. I haven’t made homemade cards in years and I’m starting to feel a little guilty about that!

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  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter, April 1st is a special day for me too, we got married on this day 50 years ago. The card is lovely and the ingenious use of the w is not noticable. Have a great day out, must write my own blog next

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  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I can imagine her coming across her box of special cards when she is older and having some wonderful reminiscing about how she loved strawberries and puppies and her thoughtful, talented, and creative mother! Hope you have a fantastic birthday outing! πŸ™‚

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  7. Love it , would never have known that wasn’t a 3, so impressed done whilst making the tea, thought I was the only one who left things to the last minute, I trust she loved it ? Oh and glitter strawberries ….

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