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Patterns-To Pay or Not to Pay?

I’m currently on the hunt for a perfect pattern to use with my hand dyed yarn, although so far my search has proved fruitless (more effort may be required). As I’ve been browsing the plethora of patterns out there, I’ve been contemplating whether or not to buy a pattern. I tend to work from a…… Continue reading Patterns-To Pay or Not to Pay?


The Allotment in April

Our allotment has been a hive of activity in the last couple of weeks, with the scene being set for a (hopefully!) productive growing season. The raised beds have been filled with compost, and the little plants to go in them are being carefully tended to at home (butternut squash, pumpkins and courgettes mainly so…… Continue reading The Allotment in April


WIP Wednesday-19th April

This week has seen a bit of rebellion against my own rules. I’m not sure whether it was brought on by an overindulgence in chocolate, a bank holiday or the fact I’m at home whilst the children are at school/preschool because my school has different term dates. Anyway, whatever the reason, this week there are…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday-19th April


Finished Object Friday-Beautiful Shells Baby Blanket

Last night I finished sewing in the ends of this blanket, it was a complete contrast to the last blanket I made as it used a much smaller hook and finer yarn, so progress felt far slower. However, it was an interesting enough pattern to keep me focused without being too complicated. Because the pattern…… Continue reading Finished Object Friday-Beautiful Shells Baby Blanket