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A Trip to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

For our daughter’s birthday treat, she asked to ‘see animals’. There are a few suitable places within an hour or so of here, but we chose this one as it is also near to a relative’s house so we could squeeze in a visit there too! 

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park used to be known as the Parrot Zoo as there are a lot of birds and it originally started as a rescue sanctuary for parrots and other pet birds. Since then it has branched out considerably and even includes tigers! Entry is reasonable, under £10 per adult. We actually got in for £18.45 for the 4 of us as we had a buy one get one free entry voucher from the Lincolnshire Co Op website. I think you’ll agree that’s a bargain price! 

We bought a packet of each type of animal feed so that we could give peanuts to the parrots, mealworms to the meerkats and millet to the birds in the walk through aviary. As it was still early in the season, winter improvements to things like the toilet block were still ongoing, but there were portaloos set up (we had surprisingly few visits to these, considering the usual demand for them from my children!) Other new areas were still being created and built, which we took as a good sign for future visits.

On our walk round we saw several types of birds, including some very majestic looking peacocks who allowed us to share their path. They turned their beaks up at our peanuts though! We also saw reindeer, a tortoise and some lemurs. The meerkats were a firm favourite with their own little village, and they were so funny when they were battling each other to get the food. The cockatoos displayed some very creative gymnastic skills when trying.trying to get to the peanuts, including turning upside down whilst gripping the bars. Our daughter took a few photos of  them with the camera she got for her birthday. (She might be 3 but she knows how to do a selfie, forget pouting-sticking her tongue out is her signature pose!)

The walk through aviary was a bit scary for me as I wasn’t keen on anything landing on me, but luckily Mr C was more attractive to them so I just supervised from a distance. I did feed a parakeet though, just look what the greedy boy did with the millet I was holding!

We made our way around to the tigers after that, which was the highlight of our daughter’s day. She would have looked at them all day if we’d let her. There were two enclosures and we went to both of them, and tried to capture them on camera.

We took a picnic with us, but there is a cafeteria there. It was also quite quiet today, being only the start of the Easter holidays. It was nice to be able to walk round at a leisurely pace, spending time looking at the animals the children wanted to see and taking lots of photos (both children had their cameras!)

I’d recommend it for a visit, but for us it was more of a half day trip than somewhere to spend the whole day. It’s well worth going to and not far from Skegness, if that’s a holiday destination that you’re planning on visiting!

23 thoughts on “A Trip to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

  1. What a fun day for the birthday girl!! It sounds like it was an all around success! And why are children attracted to those portable toilets like magnets??? When mine were little I think they believed it was another attraction at the park! 😀

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  2. What a great day out! Cooooo…. how about you taking me on my next birthday? August ….. so … ah …. right in the middle of the summer holibobs. Hmm.. ok… maybe not then. lol

    Fabulous photos. I really loved this post. Thank you so much for the share of your day. I loved it!
    Hugs ~ Cobs. xxx

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