WIP Wednesday-5th April

What a productive week I’ve had, considering we also had a birthday party to organise. This week there are two WIPs again, and both have had work done on them.

The baby blanket has had two rounds added to it, and is definitely heading in the right direction.

I’m still on a mission to get it finished by the end of this month, so I can get it washed and blocked ready to gift.

The crochet slippers have also got quite a lot further (it helps that they are small and portable so I took them with me as a car project on our day out!)

I’m hoping these will be finished by next week, as they’ve worked up pretty quickly so far.

These two projects are almost polar opposites in terms of difficulty; the blanket is really repetitive, but lovely and relaxing to work on, whereas the slippers are quite complex and require counting/pattern reading every row. It’s quite nice to have such variety, I definitely think having two projects on the go is ‘ok’ for me, despite having reservations about whether or not I’d get them done.

What are you working on this week? Do you prefer easy patterns or tricky ones? How far do you challenge yourself when choosing a new project? 

35 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-5th April

  1. Lovely baby blanket! I’ve been busy with making some squares for our stitch group blanket and have been away for the weekend to a crochet retreat where I learnt how to use t-shirt yarn to make a small bag. Sometimes I think it’s good to give yourself a
    Challenge otherwise life would be boring and we’d never find new things to enjoy 😊

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  2. The crocodile stitch is so much fun, isn’t it? I did a whole baby blanket out of it and loved the way it turned out. Your baby blanket looks beautiful πŸ™‚
    I’m a few rows from finishing up the baby blanket I’m knitting and need to make a hat to go along with it. Then I get to get out of boy babyland and head off into girl territory. Baby girl is a Rainbow Baby and Mama wants a rainbow blanket, so I’ve been looking at a lot of patterns!

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  3. That baby blanket is so beautiful and so incredibly neat. It will make such a special gift. I must have missed the slipper somewhere but they are great fun too. I agree, one ‘easier’ project and one more challenging on the go. Sometimes counting is too hard!!


  4. Those slippers are awesome! I love the way that the crocodile stitches are giving them so much personality! They are going to be warm comfy and FUN to wear!! πŸ˜€

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  5. Your baby blanket is so beautiful. I don’t think there is ever a problem working on more than one wip at a time. Keeps things interesting that way. I too am working on a baby blanket at the moment. I’m hoping to get a blog post up about it later today.

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  6. At the moment I’m wokring on some very basic socks, because all my brain power is being diverted to the thesis, and when I get home I don’t have any spare for anything more complex (should be finished soon, so I’ll have to stop playing the thesis card!)

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    1. I don’t think I’d be able to do any craft of I was studying at the same time, so well done for managing socks! Hope it’s all finished soon so you can make something else. (Unless you want to make hundreds of socks?) The blanket is go to after a tiring day as it’s easy to pick up and put down, whereas the slippers cannot be put down anywhere except the end of a row and then I have to mark it on the pattern!


  7. I’ve made those slippers! They’re so comfy and I love the dragon scales.
    Before moving, I thought I only had 2 WIPs on the go. But having unpacked everything it turns out I have 2 blankets, 3 hats, an amigurumi cat, a coaster, and a flower to finish!

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  8. I am so in love with that baby blanket!!! Such a beautiful pattern and your colors are so awesome!!! I have printed out the pattern and will have to get to this one day soon. I just melt every time I see that sweet blanket of yours. Ahhhh.


  9. The colors in the baby blanket are beautiful. I currently have three crochet wips, I stopped counting the others! One is an order, another is a Mermaid Tail, and then I have a CAL project that patterns are released every two weeks through November. Orders come first, then the Crochet aLong and when those are caught up, I work on the tail. That way I always have something to crochet!

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  10. Love both projects they are so different. Crotchet nowdays is definitely simple, though with stitching I like to have both difficult and easy ones in my rota. When I was in my early teens crotchet was very fashionable but then it was very fine cottons for table runners etc. and the more challenging the better but I have only recently started to try again after a break of over 40 years and I am finding it a challenge at the moment. I get muddled with UK and USA sizes and terms plus I have forgotten so much; I am doing a blanket to cover the plain sofa in my craft room and to use up all the wool I have left from the days when I did knitting but its a pick up and put down kind of thing for when I’m not in the mood to stitch.

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  11. Both projects are looking lovely!
    I am still working on the baby blanket – my cat only allows me about 10 minutes before she pounces on my uarn, so it is taking a while! I think I prefer simple projects that I can pick up and put down.

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