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A Worry Monster Plea

It was only just a month ago that I shared the Worry Monster sewing pattern, and on Saturday I received a lovely email from the charity Knit for Nowt to see if they could add my Worry Monster pattern to their selection. They make and donate Worry Monsters and other therapy dolls and puppets to children in need of them, and are based in East Yorkshire. For more information about the support they offer, please click on the link.


Of course, because the pattern I published was free, and there for anyone to use, I agreed that they could add it to their site. (I’m not sure if it’s there yet!) After all, I’ve had my use from it making the monsters for my school. In their email they also asked me if I could promote their cause, as they are always in need of more people to knit/sew items for them. If you could help in any way, please follow the link, or share it if you know any other people who might help. It’s such a special cause, and there are lots of ways to help.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the link to the pattern and tutorial post.


21 thoughts on “A Worry Monster Plea

  1. You have such a good heart. What a fabulous idea to create a cuddly toy that children can share their feelings with. Children have more pressure on them today then ever before. Well done for helping them through it.

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