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A Card for a Puppy Pawty

We’ve had a busy day today, going to our Godson’s 2nd birthday party in the glorious sunshine. It was a puppy themed party, so obviously a puppy themed card was required.

I used my Cricut ‘Boys will be boys’ cartridge to cut out the dog in black and white, to match his own pet dog. Then I made the card base into a kennel shape, covering it in stripy paper to try and add to the kennel effect. Once I’d done that, I cut out a doorway and glued the dog in place to look like he was coming out of the kennel by sticking his back end under the front of the card and his head over the front. 

I used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge to cut out a number and some circles to mat it onto, with the aim of it looking like a dog tag. I’d have liked to attach it with a gold twisty tie but I didn’t have any so a jewelled brad had to do the job.

I covered the inside of the card in yellow paper to make the dog stand out from the background, I think he looks like a friendly enough little chap!

I’m hoping he likes his card, his birthday isn’t until tomorrow but he was given his card and presents today. It was a really fun make, and didn’t take that long. (I’ve been designing it in my head for weeks though!)

There’s plenty more cards coming this month, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

33 thoughts on “A Card for a Puppy Pawty

  1. Ooh good that there are more coming, I do love your card posts! This is so cute. The dog is adorable, with a bit of sashay, and the kennel shape is great fun. Plus, stripes. Love stripes. The planning paid off perfectly.

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