Finished Object Friday-Beautiful Shells Baby Blanket

Last night I finished sewing in the ends of this blanket, it was a complete contrast to the last blanket I made as it used a much smaller hook and finer yarn, so progress felt far slower. However, it was an interesting enough pattern to keep me focused without being too complicated.

Because the pattern was so intricate, I chose to use a very simple slip stitch border, worked into the back loops only.  I wanted to frame the blanket without having the border and main pattern competing with each other.  I think it worked really well, and it was also quick to work.

I’ve shown the blanket to the mummy to be, who is very pleased with it.  Having taken some photos, all I need to do now is wash it in baby friendly washing liquid (which I need to buy, as my two require tougher stuff to get their clothes clean!)

The finished piece
Close up of slip stitch border

The next two projects are lined up already!

57 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday-Beautiful Shells Baby Blanket

      1. I genuinely can’t remember where the pattern is from, but it was free. I think it might have been on Ravelry, but if you search for beautiful shells baby blanket hopefully you’ll find it. 😊


  1. That’s so pretty! I love the colors. I’m doing a baby blanket at the moment too but I think I’ve made it too big! Oh well, lesson learned for the next time 😊

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    1. Thank you. The beautiful shells pattern is a really popular one-there are videos and tutorials for it all over as it’s a free pattern. I’ve a feeling the link I posted earlier in the comments thread was the best in terms of photos.

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