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Easter Traditions

This evening I have laid out the children’s eggs on their little table ready for the morning, so that they can see exactly what they aren’t having for breakfast. They have got rather a lot of eggs, but they’ll last a while and we can always recreate last year’s rocky road with them. 

There is also something else on the table, a family tradition that my mum has carried on. Instead of an egg, she has bought them new pants! For some reason, when we were younger, we always got new pants at Easter. I’ve no idea why, but it seems like a fun tradition so we will continue it.

When we were little, we lived in a council house that had brick built outbuildings, once was a coal house and the other easy known as the wash house.  Of course, we had a washing machine, but in the corner was a low structure that was apparently the remnants of an old washing boiler (or something). Anyway, the Easter bunny used to leave us our gifts in there. One year, when I was about 4 or 5, there was a really beautiful cardboard egg each which was decorated in quite an ornate fashion. I treasured mine until it was a battered mess and had to go. Easter eggs in mugs were always a winner too, my colour changing smarties one was well loved.

We never had any other traditions, occasionally we would have a family meal, but Easter usually consisted of gardening, rubbish telly and eating so much chocolate you felt sick. 

What Easter traditions do you have? Do you continue any from when you were younger? I’d love to hear how you celebrate.

29 thoughts on “Easter Traditions

  1. Oh it looks lovely 🐱 I always used to do an Easter egg hunt for my son, with rhyming clues! However…the Easter Bunny retired shortly after the Tooth Fairy…!! Have a lovely day 🐱xx

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  2. We used to get new skipping ropes, and packages of bubbles for blowing every spring. I don’t have kids of my own, but I think I would have carried on that tradition. It’s always interesting to see what other people do.

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  3. Have a lovely Easter! I guess I followed what my mum did…toasted hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday and Easter eggs on Sunday. I introduced the egg hunt when my girls were young and will start that again next year with the grandies. My 33 year old daughter still loves me to give her those little fluffy chicks too. 😆

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    1. I love food related traditions! We haven’t got an egg hunt planned, but I guess it’s not too late to set one up. (We had one at the allotments on Good Friday which was fun!) I’m the same age as your daughter and still like to get things from my mum. 😊


  4. We tend to head for church, and then have Easter dinner with my side of the family. This year we are a small crowd as the nieces and nephews are pretty much all married and have to decide what their new tradition will be. If it is nice we play games outside on the lawn and just have fun being together.

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  5. I always gave my kids a new dress or jumper for Easter as they got so many eggs anyway. For several years we ran an Easter egg hunt round our garden for all the kids on our street, egg rolls down our drive and an egg and spoon race round the block. Great fun, happy memories 🙂

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  6. We often got new socks as our Easter present instead of loads of chocolate. There was chocolate too. I seem to recall somehow always making my Easter egg last for months! We only got sweets on a Sunday, so just a small nibble each week meant it lasted ages!

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  7. Love the egg display! Would quite like to take a running jump at it… We always got a gift at Easter, as well as an egg. In some ways similar to your pants, if you see what I mean, once we were of a suitable age, our mother used to get us lingerie! Maybe it is more of a tradition than we realise?


  8. I remember on Easter we would get a lot of outdoor toys – sidewalk chalk, kites, frisbees, jump ropes and things like that. Plus a LOT of candy! As soon as we ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast we could go outside to play with all of our new toys. I continued this tradition when my children were small. Of course if Easter was going to be bad weather there were plenty of coloring books, crayons and decks of cards too. Nowadays hubby, teenage daughter and I will just be having a quiet dinner. My son will come over too, then we’ll have carrot cake and coffee – nice and quiet. 😀

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  9. I liked reading about your Easter traditions – pants included! Growing up we always had six eggs each – one from each close family member – I remember it was a real treat to have that much chocolate just to yourself! In my own family now we unfortunately don’t have Easter traditions as such, hubby gave me a big choccie egg today, unexpectedly as I am watching my diet and fat content in all foods at the moment for health reasons – and we gave our son an egg too (he is 19, body building so avoiding treats but we couldn’t resist just one small egg), So, I guess we we will eat the chocolate and worry later ! I do remember the eggs in a mug and you are right – it was lovely to get one sometimes and keep the mug afterwards. We also used to sometimes try and blow eggs – never a success but fun and messy trying!

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  10. As a kid, my mum used to hide the eggs around the house while we were sleeping. Sometimes in obvious places, but sometimes in really tricky places. She’d take out a powder puff and dollop powder circles (starting at our bed – or sometimes even on our bed) and make little trails leading to the places (and sometimes not) where the eggs were. The powder she used always had some sort of glitter in it so it sparkled too and she made the trails sometimes in loops and funny paths. She told us that it was the Easter Bunny who had hid the eggs and that he obviously didn’t realise that his little fluffy tail was pouring magic “tail prints” around the house where to look for the eggs. In fact she used to get quite cross with the silly Easter Bunny because she’d have to hoover up the magic spots which took her days to get out the rug. The paths would sometimes take us outside, (out a window) and then back in another one and no room was left unvisited – the Easter Bunny was very thorough. I never understood how the Bunny managed to get a path for each of us without crossing over though… 🙂 If I ever have children, I’d like to continue this tradition – spark up the young ones imagination – I’ll never forget the excitement and wonder and the laughs (how did the Easter Bunny get all the way up there??)… great memories.

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    1. What gorgeous memories! I remember when we were little ‘father Christmas’ left real soot footprints on the carpet. There was a slightly frosty atmosphere after mum spent ages hoovering! We could do lots more with Easter hunts here, but people gave us the Easter eggs in sight of the children so we couldn’t pretend that the bunny brought them! Happy Easter 😊

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