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Black and Gold Birthday Cards

April sees a huge number of birthdays and I end up making cards in bulk (I don’t like that word, it makes me think of cupboards filled with bargain loo roll and gallon bottles of bleach-not beautiful things!)

When I’m making multiple cards, I tend to turn to kits or packs of decoupage with matching papers, it’s like a dating app for papercraft.  Some combinations are a definite ‘no’, others are an instant match and some are more of a slow burn. For Christmas I was given the Docrafts Forever Friends Classic Decadence paper and decoupage set. It’s a great set as it’s really versatile, with options to make both masculine and feminine cards for all occasions and enough materials to make a lot of cards.

I had a card to make for one of my closest friends for her birthday, and since it was being hand delivered I went to town on the decoupage and used all the layers. (I normally skip one or two to make sure it’s within postage limits for a regular letter!) I used contrasting papers cut on a diagonal for a change and the chose one of the die cut greetings. Really simple to make, but I think it looks luxurious with the black and gold together.

The next card is a 50th birthday card for my step mum. I wanted to make another posh one, and again it was being hand delivered so the decoupage was out in force. The kit comes with alphabet and number stickers so I was able to add them as a nice reminder of her age! I finished this one off with a gold glittery bow, just because. It was a handy way to use the other halves of the diagonal cut pieces from the first card too.

Ignore the wrinkle in the gold paper…

Finally I had a card to make for my brother. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be hand delivered or not so I erred on the side of caution and kept it flat. I also kept this far simpler, but the kit comes with a large selection of die cut images and frames as well as decoupage. I chose the greeting with diagonal lines as it reminded me of chequerplate and it gave a masculine feel. (I think the Forever Friends bears have universal appeal so didn’t shy away from using a bear picture.)

There we have it, three birthday cards made in bulk in an hour and a half, and not a cheap loo roll in sight!

As this is a cardmaking post, I thought I’d also share that my blog got included in a list of top 100 cardmaking blogs which was a huge surprise, and of course very exciting. It also meant I could add a badge  (which took some figuring out!) but it worked in the end. You can check out the full post here.

37 thoughts on “Black and Gold Birthday Cards

  1. your cards look super can’t believe they were so quick to make but then decopage sets are great for that 🙂 congrats on your award 🙂

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  2. Sorry for commenting so late but I have been away. And WOW, well done on being included in the list, that is fantastic! You must have been so happy, but I am not surprised. Your cards are super. I love this trio too. The diagonal cut is very effective and yes, a cute bear is good for everyone. I hope you celebrated!

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  3. Thank you, hope you had a lovely time. I haven’t celebrated, I’m not really sure what is a suitable way to celebrate that! Maybe a cardmaking related treat? But don’t tell Mr C, he’s already sweating about me needing a craft cupboard extension!

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    1. Oh no! I try to mix up the types of cards but some people have had the same stamped image 2 years running. I just go for the ‘like it or leave it approach’. 😂


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