The Allotment in April

Our allotment has been a hive of activity in the last couple of weeks, with the scene being set for a (hopefully!) productive growing season. The raised beds have been filled with compost, and the little plants to go in them are being carefully tended to at home (butternut squash, pumpkins and courgettes mainly so far). 

The weather is not our friend right now, it doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing. We’ve purchased a new plastic greenhouse for our garden to replace the one that Doris destroyed back in February.  Upon dismantling it, we discovered that apart from the plastic cover being weather beaten the only damage was to two plastic joints.  The remaining parts were packed into a bag for future use, as they were still strong. The new one is larger than the original, but it didn’t have as many shelves so some of the old greenhouse poles were quickly turned into extra shelving by Mr C. It suits us to have the baby plants at home as I can tend to them even after the children have gone to bed. I’ve got everything crossed that this cold spell doesn’t kill off the more tender plants. 

The animal feeders have had drainage holes drilled in them (by me-it was a choice between that or taking the trailer to get compost and I’ve never towed anything before so I went for the easy option!) They have also been filled with compost and are awaiting their new strawberry plants once I’m brave enough to take them. Perhaps after this little cold snap I’ll risk it!

A considerable amount of weeding has also been done as I told the children that the Easter Bunny loves dandelion flowers and got them to collect him some in a plastic bag. Our 5 year old is proving to be very good at using the hoe too!

In amongst the compost were some cabbage seedlings, which we rescued and have planted out since they’d already been hardened off. The other parts of the old plastic greenhouse made the frame for a simple cloche for them. Whether they grow or not is a different matter, but we’ve given them a chance! If we can protect them from rabbits, birds and deer then we might be lucky. 

The fruit trees and bushes are generally doing well by themselves, although the redcurrant is fruiting really well so yet more of the greenhouse poles made a handy little cage for it! An allotment neighbour made holes for posts to support the blackberries as he’d hired a petrol auger for his plot (it was noisy but effective!) The blackberries have been planted out now too, but we’ve not added the wire to the posts yet.

The chickens have also moved into their new poultry palace, and they seemed quite delighted with the weeds in their pen! They had a good peck around and soon got to know their new home. Photos to follow since my phone battery had died by the time the chickens came out to play…

We feel more organised this year with plants, I had wanted to sow the first carrots, beetroot and parsnips tomorrow but it looks like the weather has other plans for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend! 

How is your growing going? Are your plants suffering during this weather? Feel free to link up your posts or instagram, I’d love to see!

25 thoughts on “The Allotment in April

  1. Courgettes! The bane of my working life! I have to introduce them to the students and then later I inadvertently refer to them as zucchini.

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      1. Yes, it’s a universal phenomenon. I’m a bit of a courgette moocher and gleefully accept offerings from gardeners who have too many because I adore them.

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  2. I have never heard of courgettes! What are they and what do you do with them? I am not starting my things from seed this year due to my having had surgery and running out of time. Next year though!! Your preparations look amazing.

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    1. I think you’d call them zucchini 😊 I put them into all sorts last year as we had so many! We need to keep the plot fairly low maintenance because Mr C is having surgery in June. I’ve bought chilli plugs this year as a kind of cheat!

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      1. I am! I mowed part of the lawn yesterday and it was great. I also made it back to church this past Sunday which was a treat. (Fortunately our church has invested in padded chairs in the back for those recovering from various things.)

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  3. Your red currants are looking great. Brought back lovely memories of my mum and dad’s garden when we lived in Scotland.
    We are in Autumn here so our pumpkins are ripening and we have just planted some cauliflower.

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    1. Thank you, I’m hoping our pumpkins will come to something as my son’s birthday is at the end of October and he desperately wants a pumpkin he’s grown himself for his birthday! Hopefully this autumn we might plant some over winter veg too. We love cauliflower 😊

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  4. Oh Mrs C.. just love this post.. and at last I have an evening where I can catch up with your good self..
    Wonderful to see the new stronger greenhouse.. and those feeding troughs just the thing.. Weather wise its up and down with it not knowing what it wants to do.. So I am pleased you are able to get started..
    Its hailing again here now as I type
    Lets hope it warms up soon.. 🙂

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    1. Our beans are rubbish, I fear I may have to buy some more and start again! Our conservatory looked like a jungle until we got the new greenhouse built. 😊


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