WIP Wednesday-26th April

Its been a busy week here, and pretty productive too. My hooks are on fire! (Feel free to sing that Kings of Leon style.) One project has been finished, but it was only interesting enough to have its own Instagram post and not a FO blog post!

The popcorn basket turned out larger than I thought and became a project basket. (And yes, those are some flipping enormous popcorn stitches!) It actually holds a whole project and quite a lot of the yarn for it. The chenille yarn makes quite a sturdy finished object, and it’s a pretty way to store my work too!

I also worked hard on the mermaid tail blanket, it’s about 15″ long now which isn’t bad considering it’s mainly been my car project. The chunky yarn is working up quickly, though I’m a little nervous that 600g of yarn won’t be enough!

The project next to the mermaid tail is not a bizarre crocheted attempt at a flan dish but my next basket, which I’m actually writing down the pattern for (unlike the first basket). My inner maths geek is loving all of the calculating and checking multiples of stitches! I’m going for a basket weave stitch around the sides and so far I’m quite liking the effect.

The base of the basket also has ‘spokes’, because a real woven basket would have them too.

I’ve been so busy with all of these projects that the cosy stripe blanket has only been used as a photo prop, but it’s definitely been a yarn eating week; I’ve used over 500g!

What’s on your hook/needles this week? Feel free to link in your instagram or blog so I can be nosy!

40 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-26th April

  1. I love that song, now I’ve got it stuck in my head, thanks!! Those popcorns are truly epic, inspires me to get my hooks out again, time to put down my knitting for a while methinks! πŸ˜€

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  2. The baskets are a stroke of genius. They look fantastic, although I did laugh at the need for correct design detail with spokes! But they will also be so darn useful. And maybe nesting sets for gifts…..

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  3. I forgot to mention how great your basket looks. You say it is a chenille yarn can you say what ply or do they only come in one particular ply. I haven’t used chenille before.

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    1. Thank you, I think it would come under super bulky weight, I bought it from Aldi UK last autumn. I’m not 100% but the bernat blanket yarn has a similar appearance. (In photos, I’ve not seen it in real life!) Hope that helps.


    1. Thank you, it’s for my niece’s 6th birthday. Luckily I have a 5 year old of my own to check the sizing against! As soon as I saw the yarn I knew it was ‘the one’!


      1. Lol! It’s super chunky chenille, I think it’s maybe a bit like bernat blanket yarn from seeing photos. Before publishing it though I’m going to test it with double knit, two strands of double knit and maybe cotton too! I’m going to make up different sizes to make nesting baskets as well, and take photos for the tutorial. Hopefully by next Tuesday!

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