WIP Wednesday-3rd May

This week has seen work on all three of my projects, I’ve definitely not had the chance to get bored!

The mermaid tail has had a few more inches added, and it’s been measured up against my son (who is the same age as his cousin). It looks like it’s half as long as it needs to be, it just needs a few long sessions to get it to the right length before I work on the shaping.

I’ve managed 4 more rows on the cosy stripe too; it’s a perfect project for after days at the allotment as it’s so simple. It’s not my ‘priority’ project, although my 5 year old knows it’s for him and regularly asks for updates. He’s quite a demanding boss!

Notice a theme to the photos? I’ve finished the set of three baskets I was designing. They’ll have their own post next week (hopefully) with a tutorial. They seem to make quite handy WIP baskets, but I can see many uses for them around the house!

I absolutely love the basket weave pattern, the texture is fantastic, so touchable!

I’m on a mission to try and get a good amount finished on at least one project this week, as I’ve got a few others I want to start but I don’t want to start anything else until I’ve finished one.

What are you working on this week? How’s it going? Share a link to your blog or Instagram if you like so I can see. 

Have a craft filled week!

73 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-3rd May

  1. The finished baskets look fab. Very chic! I would love to be able to make something like them. But, I am now looking for another dog blanket or scarf. So squares and rectangles, basically!

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      1. Ha ha! Yes my son is tucked up in bed too, early start for college. The cats on the other hand are throwing catnip mousies about and thundering up and downstairs…!

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    1. Thank you, I’m aiming to take some good photos and get the tutorial written well. I was trying to get it done for this week but decided not to rush (added to the fact I’m working every day!)

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  2. I love the baskets! I can’t wait to see the tutorial! I’m hoping to post what I’m working on on my blog later tonight. I’ll try to remember to come back and leave a link. πŸ™‚

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      1. I am making a simple top and then a more complicated shirt dress. I have just finished a very loose top, I made it from an old pattern where the sizes were a very floppy fit! I will be posting about them later.

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  3. Everytime you mention them baskets I’m like yaaaaaas. The basket weave is such a cool stitch, never done it but looks awesome especially with baskets lol! Got some scrap yarn so might double up and make some once your pattern is out! – Also working on C2C it’s decreasing but it seems soooooooo long. I have wrote in my diary thing what to crochet each day to give me a boost lol!

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    1. Thank you! Good idea to keep a record and plan. I had been trying to do a little bit on each project but I like to feel as if I’ve made progress so only work on one each evening now.

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  4. Which WIP shall I show you πŸ˜‚. I’m currently working on a cardi for me, a shell blanket as yet unclaimed, a campervan bag, and the ongoing temperature blanket. I’m knitting a baby cardi and making a quilt for my son. Phew! No time for housework… my tip spray the polish before the other half comes home and hoover the floor, he won’t know the difference x

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    1. Hehe at the housework tips! It really is a squeeze to get it all done some days. You’re pretty busy with your WIPs! 😊 I’m planning a knitting project next, I just don’t know what!

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  5. I do love those baskets, can’t wait for the pattern.
    Today I’m frantically recalculating a chevron blanket that I started at the weekend. I thought I’d got it all figured out, but then got halfway through my second colour stripe and realised I was almost out of yarn. So annoying!!! I think I’ve got the amounts worked out now, but it’s not going to look at all how I imagined.
    We live and learn, I spose.

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  6. Love the baskets! I’m currently having another go at tackling Tatting! I practiced a lot yesterday and managed to get one closed circle done! Not much but it’s a start. πŸ™‚ On my hook I have a maxi skirt that I’m working on – going slowly since I’m using single stitch so the butt area is not see through – once I get to a decent amount of cover I will switch to some lacier stitches, maybe even find a way to work some hairpin lace into it. I’m also making a cone shaped Wizard hat for my son. I would like to say that he’s a child but he’s almost 30. He plays Dungeons and Dragons with a large group of friends and is often the Dungeon Master so he thinks a proper wizard hat will be a fun prop for the gaming sessions. πŸ™‚

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  7. Those baskets are beautiful. They’re not quite what I imagined the first time you posted the base. Next to the start of the mermaid blanket, they reminded me of sea shells, which I may run with after the pattern is posted! Currently, I’m still trying to finish up a shawl and scarf (though no matter how many hours go into them, they don’t look like they’re getting any longer), and I just finished my owl bag. I’m hoping to post a crocodile stitch in the round tutorial tomorrow and the owl bag pattern next week!

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  8. Those baskets look amazing.. I have done a weave pattern in knitting but these look so good Mrs C.. Brilliant..Work..
    Have a great weekend and try……… not to work too………. hard ,… ❀ xxx πŸ™‚

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  9. I love all of your projects! I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of that mermaid tail for 2 reasons; 1 – it’s a mermaid tail πŸ™‚ and 2 – that yarn you chose is fabulous!! So perfect for a mermaid tail. The baskets you made are absolutely great! I can see many uses for them around my house, too. Looking forward to hearing more about them. I am still stitching on Ella at the moment. Started beading her last night, so hopefully not too much longer before I have a finish. Then it will be on to one of the other many projects I have going πŸ™‚ Have a crafty weekend πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I’ve now finished the mermaid tail, thank goodness! Sounds like you’ve worked quickly, will look out for your finished post. 😊


  10. What am I working on? Everything! This week I’ve been rotating through most of my WIPS during the day during “dead” times when I’m not teaching. Except the afghans. I love the baskets. I actually have the right yarn to make them and I agree, I can visualize lots of uses for them around the house. I’ve actually been thinking about making a container to store potatoes and another for onions and your baskets would be perfect for that. Back home we had a “root cellar” for that but my current expat apartment life does not allow for such cool, dark places. Also, they’d be handy for harvesting from the allotment, wouldn’t they? Just add straps for easy carrying. By the way, looks like you’re WIPping it good!

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