Lace Knitting Round Two

As you may already know from my WIP Wednesday post, Mr C bought me a set of beautiful Knitpro interchangeable knitting needles for my birthday. This meant I needed a project, so I chose to make one for the smallest member of the family (mainly because I’m a slow knitter!)

After much perusing of Ravelry and so on, I settled for a free Patons lace cardigan. This was a brave move on my part because last year I has a disastrous attempt at lace knitting. (The full saga is reported here!) It did result, eventually, in a cardigan but it was a little snug on my daughter. I sent it to a charity shop in the end, which was pretty sad after all of the effort. Let’s just say that I spent more time frogging than I did knitting.

I cast on the back and managed to make the eyelet ribbing. At the beginning, it looked like a particularly vicious moth had attacked my knitting, but after a few rows the pattern appeared and it began to look a bit prettier. I then switched needles for the main part, but I didn’t have 3.75mm so I went from 3.5 to 4.0 and it looked awful and was far too big a jump in size. Sensibly, I decided to order myself some 3.75mm needles from an eBay seller.

Whilst waiting for my new arrival, I made good use of the many cables in my new kit and knitted the rib part of the back (which needed re working after the disastrous needle change), and both fronts, addingthe end caps to save my work. The new needles arrived the day after ordering, which was super quick, and I had also made a very good start on the cardigan by working the ribbing for so many parts.

A back and two fronts waiting to be added to

Last night I was able to start on the main lace pattern, which used a 24 row repeat. Needless to say, I had to read and then reread the pattern, memorising all of that was beyond me! It was lovely to see a pattern emerging as I completed each row, and the pattern was fairly simple to follow. The only real error was missing a yarn over here and there and having to frog it back a row. It worked up fairly fast, once I’d got going.

I can’t wait to see how this looks when it’s been blocked

The choice of yarn was an interesting one. Last year I had a chat with a fellow blogger as my yarn was terribly splitty and didn’t look especially nice in my crochet project. The person I ‘spoke’ to said that some yarn I’d more suitable for knitting than crochet, and vice versa. This project is definite proof of that, as this yarn is working up beautifully. It’s 50% wool and 50% acrylic and knits like a dream, especially with my new needles!

Hopefully I can maintain the pace and not make too many errors and there will be a completed cardigan ready for the summer!

40 thoughts on “Lace Knitting Round Two

  1. There is something about Knitpro needles, you feel like you can knit anything with them, I’m deeply in love with mine!! That’s a beautiful pattern, I’m feeling an urge to knit lace now, but I’ve still got some crocheting to do first! πŸ™‚

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  2. The lace pattern is pretty – well done! I don’t particularly like patterns with lots of rows to the pattern, so 24 seems a lot to me – others will probably disagree and love them, but that’s the beauty of crafting, we can all like different things. A friend recently was trialling a new lace pattern and had had to rip it down several times to get it right as she lost count of what row she was on and just couldn’t work out her last row each time (one of those with a different stitch count per row too!). I suggested a lifeline after a certain row, in her case half way through a 12 row pattern. She loved it – and third time lucky the cardigan is now well on it’s way. Looking forward to seeing your one finished. Nice job x

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    1. Thank you, this pattern is nice to keep track of as the holes change direction at row 12 so you can see where you’re up to! It is a big repeat though. Lifelines are a marvellous thing too, I need to use them more.


  3. Wow love that pattern, will look lovely when it is finish. I wish I could knit, I have tried but just can’t get the hang of it like crocheting.

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      1. My nan can knit but don’t think she knows how to explain/show how to knit. As I have asked her and she said you knit one purl one and it’s like well how do I do that. Lol. I will keep trying though.

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      2. Haha, bless her. There’s some nice YouTube videos. My Nanny must have had a tough time teaching me as I’m left handed (but knit and crochet right handed!)

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  4. Totally agree about the yarn. If you don’t like knitting with it, try crocheting. Some things I have hated knitting with I have loved crocheting with, and vice versa. It looks lovely! Blocking is the exciting bit with lace, you don’t really see all the intricacies until it’s blocked. V excited for you! And I love those needles, I have always wanted a complete set

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