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WIP Wednesday-17th May

This week has been crazy, and I’ve not done as much as I’d have liked to because Mr C and I decided to decorate our room. It has made for a fairly large work in progress! However, I adore the wallpaper we’ve chosen and it’s inspired some crochet colour combinations.

As well as decorating our room, we’ve also had a really busy weekend. There was barely any free time between football, birthday parties, Messy Church and my friend’s baby shower. I did find the time to make her a cake, which was a WIP for almost two days so I gave it a special spot in this post.

The cake inside is pink and blue!

On the yarn projects front, I’ve knitted a few more rows on the other half of the cardigan. I’m gradually learning the pattern better so it’s working up a little quicker now too.

I’ve also made progress with the cosy stripe blanket, although things did go backwards for a while. (I accidentally crocheted an extra stitch on one row and had to frog 6 rows as it had gone wonky, I’m all caught up now though.) Having looked at the yarn I have left, I think I might need to order a ball of each colour to finish the blanket, but I’m planning on doing a Wool Warehouse order shortly. 

I’m hoping that our room will be finished soon, and that I will be able to crack on with my projects. What are you working on at the moment? How’s it going? Let me know, and feel free to add a link to your blog or instagram to show it off!

46 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-17th May

    1. the cake, and yarn projects are fab so is the wall paper chosen, are cardigans difficult to make? iv never really done a adult size cardi how many balls of yarn needed for that? sorry load of questions lol

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      1. Thank you, I’ve only made a few cardigans and they’re not too tricky really. I’ve not made an adult size one, this one should use about 300g and is age 3-4. I normally check the yardage on the pattern to see how many balls of yarn I’ll need. Hope that helps 😊


  1. That wall paper is AMAZING. I love owls i want my own owl farm if that even exists. How many colours are you doing for the blanket? I only used one ball of 5 colours for my peacock blanket but it was for a wheelchair….. Gotta love wool warehouse πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you, I adore it too. I’m using aran yarn so it disappears fast lol! It’s going to be just under single bed sized, so my son has a blanket to match his daddy’s. Love wool warehouse, especially when you got gift vouchers for your birthday 😊

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  2. I’m working up the courage to cut the yarn on my cardigan so I can work a tubular bind off. Though its been put aside in favour of theatrical pursuits for another week as there are shows I need to see and am waiting to hear whether I get an audition recall for a play.

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  3. Your WIPs are great; I’ve made similar crochet mistakes and had to frog back. And the wallpaper you chose is on point – I love it! I was wondering what messy church is? It can’t be church that’s messy … or can it? I’m curious.

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    1. Glad I’m not alone with the mistakes. I love the paper so much too. Messy Church is pretty messy! Some weeks it’s clean, others we have to get the washing up bowl and towels ready for the end, but we always have cake and some crafts to take home.

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  4. The cake is adorable!!!
    The striped blanket … well that name alone is alll wrong! It’s a Magnificent Wiggly Waggly Lined Magical Sleeping Throw, which is obviously is being knitted by the mother of Professor Minerva McGonagall (fabulous witch played by Maggie Smith, in Harry Potter). For it is no ordinary ‘blanket’. It surely has magical powers, for I can ‘feel’ them, through the photographic evidence here in this post!

    Great post Mrs. C.
    ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Haha, the blanket name is a bit of a mouthful! I live a bit of Harry Potter magic (one of my ‘talents’ is finding a Harry Potter analogy to match the crazy goings on in the workplace, it often raises a smile!)

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  5. LOVE your wall paper!! So pretty! You sure are busy. Your cardigan is coming along wonderfully. The blanket is looking lovely, too. I am plugging away on the Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL and have just put down the Mystery Sampler. I will update my blog…maybe today…hopefully today….soon πŸ˜‰

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    1. I will keep an eye out for your blog update, I love your sewing. (I’m terribly slow at it so I don’t do it any more!) Thanks for the lovely comments, I’m really enjoying both projects.


  6. Love your wallpaper! All your crochetting has inspired me to get my ripple blanket finished, I was hoping to get it square but I think I will just use up the wool I’ve got and call it a day πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, it wasn’t perfect so I didn’t bother taking a close up shot! Those squares you’ve made a beautiful, sorry you don’t like the colours though. I’ve had my eye on some of the patterns from that CAL. Maybe I’ll try some when I’ve completed another project. Thanks for sharing 😊

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  7. I love your wallpaper, it looks very similar to my bedroom wallpaper that’s still sitting under my bed and has been for about a year! It WILL be up before Christmas! X

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