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The Best Laid Plans…

As I mentioned in my WIP Wednesday post, we decided to decorate our bedroom this week. This had been in the pipeline for a while, but we hadn’t agreed on an exact timescale. Then Mr C got his operation date through and we thought we’d better get it sorted ASAP. We swiftly laid out some plans, bought tester pots and picked colours.

The contents of our room were piled onto the bed and covered with sheets, and Mr C painted whilst I was at work and the children were at school and preschool. We camped out on the sofa bed in the living room, which was a bit like being on holiday! (We are still sleeping downstairs actually, as the new curtains aren’t up yet.) Just as a side note, I’m not sure sofa beds are designed with comfort in mind; my hips and back think I’m about 90!

Mr C and I are not known for doing thinds by halves, and this was no exception. Last week we ordered a bunk bed for the children, thinking we’d just get the whole of upstairs sorted at once. This was due to be delivered on Wednesday so on Tuesday we dismantled the cot and single bed that were in their room, put the bed in the loft and got rid of the cot. The children were immensely excited about sleeping on mattresses on their floor for the night. (So excited that, despite me reading the rabbit story, they were up until 9pm diving across the room and landing on the mattresses!)

Wednesday arrived and when we woke up, our daughter’s face was covered in spots and she couldn’t go to pre-school. I had to work but Mr C was off so he booked a doctor’s appointment around the delivery times for the bed. Luckily it wasn’t chicken pox. (He wasn’t relishing the thought of constructing a bed with her ‘help’, but at least she wasn’t really poorly!) 

On my lunch break at work I excitedly checked my phone and saw Mr C had messaged me. The delivery was here, but they’d sent a single mattress and a WARDROBE! Yes, really. I’m not sure whether it was an Argos special version of the Narnia wardrobe, but it wasn’t what we had ordered. Mr C was a bit cross, mainly because it threw our plans completely, but managed to arrange a new delivery for Saturday. In the meantime we are storing the wardrobe in our living room, as well as a single mattress.

Anyway, the race against time has continued. We need it all sorting by next Friday! Mr C managed to fit the carpet yesterday and it is beautiful, so soft and squishy underfoot. The children’s room was full to the brim with the combined contents of their own room and ours because we needed it out of the way during carpet fitting, and it all had to be put back before bedtime. They’ve also had the adventure of sleeping on mattresses for another three nights! I think they’ll almost be disappointed when their bed arrives.

There are still a few more jobs to do, including hanging curtains and hopefully the bunk bed arriving and being built  tomorrow. (Placing bets now on weird and wonderful things that could get in the way.) I’m looking forward to the house not feeling completely upside down and having a few days of calm before Mr C’s operation, so hoping our plans will run smoothly.

If there’s one thing we learned, it’s don’t try and deal with more than one room at once, especially not whilst working almost full time! I still adore this owl wallpaper though.

New wallpaper and carpet (and a photobombing Hoover!)

Have you ever made plans which have gone completely wrong? Or bitten off more than you can chew?

38 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. Oh yes. When baby number three was due, one and two sons had to start to share a room. We decorated the room, then dismantled and disposed of the beds on the day we had two Cabin beds with wardrobes delivered. Each one had 111 pieces and after half an hour Mr E was in a complete muddle and had done the first three bits wrong. WARNING the directions said, make sure you join the correct pieces as you cannot undo them. YIKES. quick phone call to the shop. After it closed that night two of their warehouse staff came, they had permission to moonlight as furniture putter uppers. By Nine they had finished, but they had two more houses to call at that night. Good Luck and enjoy your new rooms.

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    1. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a nightmare! We still have about 9 weeks to wait for our new bedroom furniture (which is not flat packed, luckily!) to arrive and then we are done.


  2. You sound like us! When my husband was going to have surgery last fall we realized if we were going to hang cupboards in my laundry room it had to be soon. We redid old ones from a home that was coming down so it was a huge time crunch…..we did get it done whew!!!
    Your project looks wonderful.

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  3. We have a why-can’t-anything-be-easy-in-this-bathroom rebuilding project. I can relate. One time we ordered two of the same sconce lights from the same place and the shades were completely different -well shades of amber.

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      1. Yes! We ordered two more, and they (thankfully) matched each other (but not either of the first two lol).

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  4. Yes!! But firstly how lucky are you to have a hubby who can fit carpet?! Mines a plasterer so I’m lucky in that sense, but not so when it comes to building furniture! When my mum and dad moved in with us for 11 weeks between house moves they gave us a Β£2,500 Laura Ashley king size bed from their spare room……we gave our son our double sleigh and took his single to the tip. And as @nanacathy2 said this Laura Ashley bed has to be dismantled in a particular order, of which my hubby thought he knew better! Until he lost the screws from the wrought iron posts because they fell through the posts to the bottom inside!!! To get them out he seceded to saw the bottoms off!!!! Luckily the posts have cups so we could hide the damage he caused, but it still meant a night in the lounge on a mattress πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ I do hope your delivery comes today xx

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  5. This year we’ve had new flooring and new doors, together with all the decorating that goes with it. I’ve worked out I decorated 9 rooms since September, but the glossing and the doors and the last two rooms are one step too far. I’ve definitely bitten off too much, waiting for a quote to finish it off!!Your bedroom is going to look lovely and peaceful πŸ™‚

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  6. The new room looks fabulous and hopefully today you’ll get everything finished and sorted. Good luck to Mr. Craft with his operation! Also, I love that wallpaper and love that the rug color you chose coordinates with it – it all really pops!

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    1. Thank you, it’s lovely and just how I imagined it. The new curtains are up and they’re a similar colour to the carpet. It’s lovely and dark in there when they’re shut, perfect for Mr C and his night shifts (after his op!)

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  7. I’m over-joyed for you. Managing to sort all that out in such a short space of time is nothing short of a miracle!
    It was a BIG ask of the ‘doing it yourself’ Gods, but … in the end they came up with the goods.
    Well done Mr. and Mrs. C.
    Love the wallpaper by the way!!
    Cobs. x

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  8. I can definitely sympathise with you, we certainly tried to do too much at one time with our bathroom, cellar and chicken coop, along with electrical and plumbing work. It was utter mayhem and I was so glad to have the house straight again. I hope it’s all worked out ok for you and that Mr. C’s op goes/went ok? Your wallpaper looks fabulous by the way xx

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