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Heat Embossing Tips and Tricks

Recently I’ve been using heat embossing a lot on my cards, as it’s such a simple technique. However, sometimes it goes a bit wrong, and I’ve managed to work out some of the reasons for this. I’ve also managed to solve some of those problems by making small changes. I thought it might be useful to share some of them.

Problem 1: Embossing ‘disappearing’ into the cardstock

I’ve found this a few times, when I’ve heated the powder and it’s sunk into the paper. There was no raised finish and it looked really dull. I found this happened when I tried to emboss directly onto a cheap card blank, and it seemed to occur with several different brands. I ruined several cards doing this. I ‘solved’ it by changing to different cardstock. I got the best results when working on slightly shiny card. It’s worth experimenting with other types too. Sometimes it pays to use the nice stuff from your stash!

Close up of successful heat embossing on shiny card

Problem 2: Stray specks of powder

It’s a common problem, and there are many tools you can buy to overcome it, like anti static bags and so on. My DIY solution is a clean pop sock filled with talcum powder and doubled back on itself so there are two layers of fabric. I then dab the powder on the card before stamping and it prevents excess powder from sticking.

Problem 3: Uneven or incomplete coverage

Sometimes, even with the cleanest of stamped impressions, powder doesn’t stick to the image evenly. First of all I reapply powder to see if that covers it. Then, I heat it up and see how it covers. Once it’s set, if there are gaps or uneven areas, I very carefully go over them with a Ranger Perfect Medium pen. I only use it on the gaps or uneven parts, and then I reapply the powder. Once that’s done I heat it up again and it usually covers it. I’m careful not to overheat it, but the new powder blends really well into the first layer and I stop as soon as it’s melted.
Here’s a card I’ve made very recently for a work colleague of Mr C. We were very lucky to be invited to their wedding reception, which was lovely.

I always think heat embossing makes wedding cards look extra special.

Do you have any heat embossing tips? Please share as if love to hear, it’s a technique I’m trying to get even better at.

16 thoughts on “Heat Embossing Tips and Tricks

    1. Lol! My husband burnt out my first heat gun using it to melt the trim on to the ends of the worktop when he did the kitchen. Maybe I should have used the grill instead of making him buy me a new one! πŸ˜‚


    1. I’m not sure quite why it how it works, but you stamp over it and I’m guessing the versamark ink sticks even through the talc. I thought stamping on shiny card might not work either but it stuck even better than on regular card. Thanks for asking though, I’m still exploring techniques. 😊


  1. The only problem I’ve had in my (limited) embossing experience is the cards warping out of shape with the heat. I actually stopped doing it because I got so cross at having cards with wavy fronts that wouldn’t lie flat no matter what I did!

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  2. What a lovely wedding card. I am new to embossing but I was hooked from the first ‘melt’! I love it. My tip is to put the heat tool under the paper as well as on top when heating the powder so that the paper doesn’t warp too much. i look forward to seeing more of your embossed cards.

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