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The Pumpkin Patch

Now that the last frost date has passed here, the final plants have gone to the allotment. It seems odd that normal life has continued for us today, when only a hundred or so miles away in Manchester people’s lives have been turned upside down. My son, who is 5, seems unaware of the events, and I’m kind of glad as I know it would play on his mind. However, tomorrow when I go to work, I know I may have to deal with questions from children as more details emerge. The media here in the UK is full of ways to discuss it with children, with the main emphasis being on focusing on the helpers, the good people, those who have given up time and money to support those in need. Of course, I may not need to discuss anything with them, but it’s best to be prepared.

Anyway, back to the allotment. With only a few days until Mr C’s operation we’ve been trying to get all of the big allotment jobs done, including planting. We decided that once the plants were in, all we have to do is maintain the plot and care for the plants. 

On Sunday we had a long session at the allotment. I made a fairly substantial job list which felt a little ambitious when I looked at it. However, we got stuck in and surprisingly got all of the jobs done. Mr C mowed the parking area (which we weren’t using as the track leading to it was a little boggy after the heavy rainfall!) and also mowed between the raspberry canes and down the sides of the plot. This made the weeding seem like a slightly less onerous task!
We built a frame for the beans and planted them out. In the end we got 14 plants, which wasn’t bad considering we used last year’s beans. We also sowed the last rows of parsnips, beetroot and carrots. I ridged the potatoes and added extra compost to the experimental potato pots. Last week’s rainfall helped a lot of the plants, including the cabbages, which doubled in size. The IBC also got refilled (over 100 litres of water just from the shed roof over the course of a week!)

A very neat looking bean frame
The cabbages are looking good!

Unfortunately the weeds also took advantage of the extra water but the soil was lovely and crumbly after the rain so they didn’t take much pulling up. We’ve focused the hand weeding mainly on planted areas, especially the cabbages and the raised beds. We incinerated some of them so we went home smelling like arsonists! 

At the end of the day on Sunday, we prepared the pumpkin and courgette raised bed by digging football sized holes and filling them with compost. Once the children were in the car I sprinkled slug pellets liberally so that the plants would stand half a chance of growing. Today after school we went and planted the pumpkins and courgettes out and gave the spares to our neighbour. My son is very proud of his pumpkin patch!

The Pumpkin Patch

So that’s it, everything on the plot is now planted. We have tomatoes but we are keeping them at home this year, and the peppers haven’t come to much. I’m growing chillies in the greenhouse at home too. Now all we have to do is keep everything alive and hope that it all grows!

How is your grown going? Have you got much more to plant out? 

19 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Patch

  1. I played music in the car today to avoid my boys listening to the news on the radio. Scary times.
    You do work hard on your allotment! I’ve got two courgette plants getting too big for their pot on my kitchen windowsill that desperately need planting out soon.
    Hope Mr C’s op goes well.

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  2. We only have a very smallgarden which is fully tiled with just borders across the frontand down one side and a raised bed under the window, but we are working on it at the moment.

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  3. Very organised! I have bought 12 Β£1 black buckets from B&Q for my veg at home though some of the more exotic sounding seeds are yet to germinate. Most of the 5-rod allotment has my new way-out fruit bushes (Moreberries, Japanese Wineberry, Baby Kiwi fruit and a second try at an edible Passion fruit, Chilean Guava – just who am I kidding?) I daresay I won’t get any fruit from them this year if at all but the raspberries and related fruits are looking promising.

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  4. Everything is growing so well, πŸ™‚ and the rains helped the other day did you get the downpours?
    Rain means weeds, so we came home to plenty of those from Scotland.. Happy Gardening Mrs C. πŸ™‚

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    1. We did get the downpours. I can hear my plants drinking up the water and growing when I visit after a good storm. However, like you, the weeds are also basking in it! I need a few good sessions of weeding really. Lovely to catch up with you x

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