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All Change!

Today was a day of real mixed feelings. My temporary contract ended so I had to say goodbye to some lovely people who I’ve worked with for the last 18 months. 
I made some thank you cards last night using my Cricut as there were a few people who I wanted to thank individually. I also bought some biscuits for the staff room, and some tea towels because they always seem to disappear! The tea towels raised a few smiles this morning (so did the biscuits!)

The photo doesn’t show them in their best light but it was late at night when I finished!

At the end of the day we had an assembly and I was presented with some beautiful gifts, including this amazing bouquet and a Cath Kidston bag (I’m still deciding whether to make it a project bag or a ‘carting junk to work’ bag!) I felt incredibly lucky.

I also received a lovely word collage picture. What meant even more though, were the kind words from my colleagues. When someone tells you that you’ve had a huge impact on a group of children and that you’ve done a great job it is a lovely feeling.

For now I’m a ‘proper’ supply teacher. (I was doing supply a couple of days a week as well as this part time job, but now I’m doing it full time.) Tonight, though, I think I will just enjoy the flowers and relax.

22 thoughts on “All Change!

  1. Oh my how coincidental. I had my last day at my work place after 4.5 years yesterday! Mine was by choice though and I don’t have a new position either. I’m hoping it wont take too long to find a new position but in the mean time I’m looking forward to some extra crafty time and a chance to stop for 5 minutes. Fab cards you made and lovely gifts.

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  2. I also just resigned from…well one of my jobs. It’s bittersweet even if it’s a choice. Hope you enjoy your evening!

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  3. How lovely of them. The flowers and the bag are beautiful. Enjoy them, and the memories they will bring back.
    Great post. Lovely read, and for some strange reason, I kind of wanted to cry about you leaving! How silly am I? You are going on to other things, which will be great for you, but I wanted to cry at the feeling of loss I felt – almost as if I was in the team you were saying ‘bye’ to.
    The cards are lovely!
    ~ Cobs. x

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  4. It sounds like the place where you were working will really miss you! What a wonderful gesture. Also, it sounds like you’re a treasure as a coworker so I thinking marching on in your career looks as bright as your beautiful parting gifts! πŸ™‚

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