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WIP Wednesday-7th June

It’s been a funny one for WIPs this week, one was finished quickly, one has come to a standstill as I can’t work on it in the heat and the other is currently not a WIP!

The baby boots were a nice easy finish, and only took a couple of evenings. I tried hard to get a good match on the yarn colour changes to make them identical. I modified the pattern slightly to only work 5 rows of crocodile stitches as I felt 7 was just too many for newborn size. They have come out a little bigger as I used double knit so I think they’d probably fit 6 months plus better. They’re still cute though!

The cosy stripe blanket is really too thick and heavy to work under now, so I’ve not even worked a single extra stitch on it this week. It’s a little cooler now so I should think I will get a row or two done this week.

I’ve also started (and restarted, twice) some knitted socks. They yarn is lovely, it’s Drops Fabel in Pink Dream and it works up so well. I chose a cable pattern initially but after working one repeat I realised the yarn didn’t show off the cables so it was a waste of effort. I printed a simpler pattern from the Drops website and tried again, but messed up the ribbing. Third time lucky, I thought, and cast on again. Lesson learned here though, never knit when overtired. Somehow I had skipped on of the DPNs and carried yarn across the back of the work instead. I inserted a lifeline and frogged it, but when putting in the lifeline I had split the yarn and it snapped, so I cut it, tied a magic knot and started again. This time I got as far as turning the heel, then I looked back and saw my magic knot had come undone. It was a mess; there was no way to salvage this. I gave up and Mr C frogged it whilst I put the children to bed. So after 3 nights of knitting, I still just have a ball of yarn (which now has a few kinks in from being knitted!)

A lifeline and a not so magic knot

A kind knitter friend is sending me a 9″ circular so I can try socks on that instead, so hopefully next week there may be progress!

What are you working on this week? Hopefully you’ve had more success than me! Let me know by sharing a link to your blog or Instagram. Have a great week.

45 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-7th June

  1. Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Ohh, Mrs.Craft!!! THOSE BOOTS!!
    Oh how amazing! How Beautiful! HOW ABSOLUTELY, FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL ARE THEY?!!!
    Dearest, most wonderfulest, Mrs. Craft … you have (maybe, possibly, unintentionally even,) made . . . . PIXIE BOOTS!!!
    But not just any PIXIE BOOTS… these are breath-takingly beautiful.
    Ohh, if only daughters No.1 and 2 were little again. I would pay you a small fortune to make my girls those amazing boots …. and after they’d grown too big for them … I’d frame them behind glass, in a specially made box frame.
    Oh well done, you amazingly talented lady. I’m in awe of you.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with everyone. They’re … perfect. I love them. Seriously, love them.
    … and you for making them. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Ah, thank you Mrs Cobs for the lovely comment. I do think they make lovely Pixie boots, I’d have loved my daughter to have some. I always carried her in a baby carrier and these would have been sweet on those tiny feet in winter! This pattern is a lovely one. Thank you again for making me smile x x

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      1. You’re very welcome Mrs.Craft, for it is rightfully deserved praise.

        Just a thought … do you sell them? Because if you don’t, then you should. And not for ridiculously low prices either. These command a higher price. They’re truly incredible.

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  2. Oh no! Very sad about the socks 😦 I’ve just bought a 9″ circular needle set from Addi and I can’t wait to try mine either πŸ™‚ and the booties look great!

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      1. I’ve heard people say that using wooden DPNs fixes the problem as they are less slippery than metal ones? Personally I prefer circular needles but if you really like DPNs that might be the answer

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      2. Thank you, I’ll try circulars. I do love the wooden DPNs but maybe there’s less room for error with just the two needles? Hopefully I’ll find a way.

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