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WIP Wednesday-14th June

Yet another super busy week, but considerably more successful than last week, luckily.

My lovely new sock needle arrived on Saturday (along with a generous gift-yarny friends are some of the best!) so I cracked on with it straight away. I’d never used 9″ circulars before and knitting with such short needles takes some getting used to. However, I think I’ve got the hang of it now and sock 1 is now past the heel! I’ve calculated it will take about 50 rounds before the toe decreases begin so I think I’ll be doing a bit at a time. We’re on the right track though!

I’ve also started a new crochet stashbusting project which is worked in squares and therefore won’t be so hot to work with in this lovely summer weather. I’ve chosen colours from my stash that remind me of tutti frutti ice cream and used Victorian Lattice squares from a pattern I found on Ravelry. So far I’ve made 5 squares, but the plan is to make a round 25 for a baby blanket.

As well as the yarn projects, I’ve also got a kitchen WIP. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and made elderflower cordial. It’s amazingly simple (but not very slimming world friendly!) It’s kind of not a WIP any more as I’ve just bottled it but it looked so pretty I felt the need to include it.

Doesn’t it look lovely infusing in the pan?

What are you working on this week? Has your craft slowed down in the hot weather? (I know I’ve had to devote more time to the allotment this week so I’ve not achieved as much as I’d have liked to.) Please share, mainly so I can be most!

37 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-14th June

  1. Oh my elderflower cordial… I really need to try and have a go making that, my c4afting has slowed down due to my other half taking over the room and always in the computer. Maybe having it in my sewing room wasn’t such a good idea

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    1. Oh no! The elderflower cordial is really so simple. Top tip, wash the flowers really carefully. One or two tiny bugs met a syrupy end in mine (I didn’t worry too much!)


  2. Yay! Another 9″ circular sock knitter! It makes sock knitting so much more efficient. I did not know elderflower cordial was all the rage. It looks yummy.

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  3. Your elderflower cordial looks scrummy. I made some too for the first time but I’m a bit wary of drinking it now as I saw how much sugar went into it! Definitely not very slimming world friendly! X

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  4. I love elderflower cordial! Yum. I always magic loop socks 2 at a time on a long circular. Those tiny ones look a bit fiddly. Maybe I should give them a go sometime though. I’d like to try dpns too.
    I’ve also been out in the garden more this week. Making the most of the beautiful weather and trying to keep the garden under control!

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    1. The cordial is very nice lol. I’d say if you wanted to do socks start with double knit sock yarn and either a long circular or double pointed needles. They are a bit faffy but worth a go as you’ll learn some good techniques from it. Try watching a YouTube video to see what you reckon! (DPNs can be very hard going but a useful skill, a longer 4mm circular would just need you to learn magic loop.) 😀

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  5. All looking wonderful, as usual! They are especially nice colours for the sock, I do love a bit of pink. I’ve never tried elderflower cordial, or even heard of it before now, I must put it on my list of foods to try! 😊

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  6. I love the colors you have chosen for your blanket! It’s such a fun scheme for a baby blanket. The warmer weather has not slowed me down as much as the challenge of figuring out what I can make with the yarn in my stash!

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    1. Thank you so much! At this time I really can’t do an awards post because I’m doing too much with work, but it’s lovely that you thought of me. 😊 x


  7. So glad to hear the sock situation has been resolved!! The cordial looks delicious and so pretty in the pot! I bet it smelled wonderful while it was steeping! 😀

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