FO Friday-23rd June

It’s not very often I get to do an FO Friday post as I seem to be working on longer projects and not getting much finished at the moment. Today is different though!

The socks that caused so much trouble in the beginning with double pointed needles and magic loops are finally finished. It took 12 days in total which isn’t bad considering how much I’ve been working lately too. Last night I planned to knit up to the toe decreases and then leave them, but I decided to just carry on and get the job done!

Here they are, being modelled by my sock blockers. They havent actually been blocked, I’m going to do that later as I have another piece of knitting that should be ready to block too so I’ll soak them together. 

I adapted the pattern slightly (there’s a shock-I rarely seem to follow a pattern exactly!) to add 2cm to the ankle length. They are meant to be short socks, and they still are, but I wanted to make them a tad longer. I was going to match up the colour changes but I decided against it as the changes are so long. I think they still look really pretty. The best part is that I still have loads of sock yarn left-if I’d made them the same size as the pattern I’d have got 2 pairs from 50g of yarn. I ordered 150g so I guess there will be another pink pair of socks but in a different pattern. The pattern was a free one from the Drops site, I can honestly say that it was really good and they have loads to choose from. (The yarn was bought in the sale so these socks have cost less than £2-that’s a bargain!)

Have you got any finished objects to share today? And what else would you make with just under 100g of Sock weight yarn?

27 thoughts on “FO Friday-23rd June

  1. They. Look. FABULOUS!
    I am so envious of your amazing talent for turning what amounts to a long ‘string’ of wool into the most fantastic USABLE, WEARABLE garments.
    You, Mrs.Craft, is very very clever indeedly doodly.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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  2. They look great 😊 I love the colours. I found it interesting to read about the sock blockers, didn’t know they were a thing but it makes sense. I might look into making some as it seems all my socks are getting holes at the moment. 😂 Xx

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  3. Yay well done! They look fab! Have you heard of the cosy memory blanket? It’s made specifically with leftover sock yarn 🙂 you’d need to make heaps of pairs though but they look amazing!

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    1. Thank you, I’m not wearing them yet as I’m not sure if I might enter them into our village show, and they’d be no good if I’d worn them. 😊


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