More DIY!

After last week’s DIY sock blockers (which worked superbly), I thought I’d give Mr C another ‘being married to a craftaholic’ test and asked him to make me a crochet blocking board. I showed him a photo of one and he disappeared into the shed to find tools and materials.

He used exterior plywood again (many of the blocking boards you can buy are MDF but we figured that exterior ply would withstand the slight dampness if I were to wet block something). I asked for approximately 10″ x 10″ as I am only likely to make squares that are 9″ maximum (but I can always send him back into the shed if I change my mind). He used his router to cut it out and it did a lovely job, not splintering the plywood like saws tend to.

Whilst he was cutting (supervised by our 5 year old who copied Daddy’s safety glasses by fetching his swimming goggles, and of course the obligatory ear defenders), I drew a template for holes I wanted drilling. I went for holes at the corner of each inch size, which he drilled and then we tested using my Victorian Lattice squares. 8″ was too big so we added holes at 7.5″ and mid point ones too for the middle of each side. They were perfect! Once it was all drilled he sanded it down for me and then I got to use it. 

The dowels were once lolly sticks; we didn’t have any dowels in the shed but we had saved these for the children’s craft. The Co Op sell fruity twist ice lollies and the sticks are actually the same as dowel. We washed them carefully before we used them and they work really well. (Good frugal tip if you like lollies and crochet!)

Mr C is a pretty handy chap really. Now, what else can I get him to make?

26 thoughts on “More DIY!

  1. I love this. I’m going to try this out whenever I get around to getting some woodworking tools and find a way to fit a garage in my flat! I think you and your hubs could perhaps have a future in retailing these things. I know I’d love to have this crochet blocker. The sock blockers would be something I’d buy in addition just because I don’t have any (twenty years of laying them out flat to dry, but willing to try them out).

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