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WIP Wednesday-28th June

This week saw one WIP being completed fully-the socks using Drops Fabel yarn are completely finished now after being blocked. Since last week the weather has changed a lot, the temperature has halved and it is tipping with rain compared to the slightly too warm sunshine we had a week ago. That means that the boots have come back out and I could almost be wearing the new socks!

As well as socks, I have made progress with the Lush cardigan. The lace band was completed and wet blocked (I made it in two sizes and then decided which was most suitable.)


Since then I have knitted the collar and part of the main body. I learned a lot about picking up and knitting stitches from this and discovered a far neater way of doing it. My daughter tried it on for size and it is a little too snug so I have frogged it back and increased the stitches slightly, which has led to a lot of complicated maths to adjust the numbers in the pattern. It’ll be worth it to have a cardigan that fits!


I think it’ll make a very pretty cardigan, and the lace pattern works well with the yarn. (It doesn’t go well with her zebra dress but I’m sure she will find something that goes with it, it’s a refreshing change from pink too!)

I’ve also been working on the Victorian Lattice squares, three more have been made this week and I’ve put my new blocking board to good use. Work has now come to a temporary standstill as the yarn I bought to finish it is very fuzzy. I think I’ll donate that to my niece who got a weaving loom for her birthday, and I have made a Wool Warehouse order which will be here shortly. From now on when using acrylic I will be much more careful what I buy; I know that Stylecraft Special is a good non fuzzy yarn that is also lovely and soft so I shall probably stick to buying that when I have a project that requires an easily washable yarn.

That just about sums up my crafting week, apart from teaching my niece to use the aforementioned weaving loom (she was rather excited and as soon as I walked through the door of her house I was handed the box-I quite enjoyed it actually!)

What have you been working on? Have you ever made a regrettable yarn purchase? Did it stop you from making the same mistake again? Share your WIPs so I can have a nosy, my Instagram is @craftandothercrazyplans if you want to share there.

28 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-28th June

  1. You’re working on some very beautiful stuff! Thanks for mentioning the name of the blocks you’re crocheting. I’ve got the pattern. I really like them. The cardigan will surely be a family heirloom. I love it when that happens!

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  2. The cardigan is going to be so beautiful! I really love that color! I recently earmarked that Victorian Lattice square for a future project!! Isn’t it lovely!! I really like the colors your using for that too!! πŸ˜€

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  3. Beautiful start on the cardigan. The lacy pattern is so pretty. It will be a gorgeous sweater and your daughter will love it. I just love seeing your Lattice squares. They are so pretty and I am anxiously awaiting to see what you do with them. As for what I am working on….I have been stitching on the Mystery Sampler from Linen and Threads and adding a row or two, here and there, on my Temperature blanket. A regrettable yarn purchase??? Lately, every time I purchase yarn. Only because I have not been making the time to get knitting or crocheting with them, and the projects are piling up.

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    1. Thank you, I’m going to look at your project. 😊 I know what you mean about yarn mounting up, I often buy it for a project and then change my mind!


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