Pumpkins and Pecking-a July Allotment Update

Now that we are well into summer, harvest time is deliciously close on the allotment. Some crops have even almost finished (the strawberries are at the stage where we are potting up runners and the last few fruits are nibbled whilst we go for our watering and weeding visits). The rain last week has filled up the water container substantially and Mr C and his dad have done lots of weeding and mowing to keep it looking neat. When we look at it, it’s hard to believe that it’s barely 3 months since planting began!

Some plants are showing a lot of promise now; the beetroot have benefited from last week’s rainfall and a good weeding and are heading towards being fairly large. The carrots and parsnips are in a similar situation, so we shall look forward to a good harvest beginning in a month or so.

We did try to plant in lines!

The pumpkin and courgette bed is also thriving-we’ve harvested two courgettes already. From 6 weeks ago when we planted some fairly small plants, we now have enormous, bushy, flowering ones.

Today after school I took our son to look at his pumpkin patch as we had spotted that they were beginning to fruit. It was a lovely surprise for him and he was so excited, he counted at least 5 that are forming already. His grand plan of having a pumpkin he grew himself to carve at Halloween may come to fruition if we can look after them well enough!

Mini green fingers finding their first pumpkin

The beans are doing really well on their new and improved frame and a few are ready to pick now. The number of flowers on them suggests that we might have quite a lot to freeze for the winter. The potatoes have also grown especially well with a drier June, unlike last year where it was so wet that they were basically just slug food. The cabbages are flourishing too, I think we will have enough for one a week for the whole winter!

Very neat and tidy beanstalks

The rain has softened the ground considerably and so we made the most of it. Mr C used his dad’s garden claw (remember the adverts from the 1990s? It’s actually quite a handy tool!) to dig over the chicken coop soil. They’ve had a field day pecking at all of the creatures in there!

Happy hens!

Now it really feels like the main work is in weed control, watering and harvesting at the right time. (Last year’s beans had gone stringy by the time we picked them, no way are we letting that happen this year!) 

How’s your growing going? Has anything done particularly well this year for you? 

38 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Pecking-a July Allotment Update

  1. I’m growing tomatoes and squash this year. The plants have just exploded in the last week; it’s been hot with cloudy afternoons and I guess the plants must like those conditions. I bet the organic compost didn’t hurt either. πŸ™‚

    I love your garden. Happy growing season!

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  2. The garden is coming along nicely. I envy your green thumb. I few years ago I decided to plant some veggies into giant pots.. I have no idea what i did to the poor plants but their grown was stunted lol. and most just turned yellow and died…. I turned most of them into flower pots lol with succulents that i cant kill. I will say I had good luck with lettuce and tomatos. =) Beatiful garden you have. Looks like it will produce lots for you.

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    1. Thank you. Some plants just seem temperamemtal, last year we tried to grow tomatoes on the allotment and they hated it, they preferred buckets at the front of our house so they are back there this year.

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      1. Thank you, that’s very kind. I’m struggling for time to write awards posts but it’s lovely that you thought of me. If I get a chance in the summer holiday madness I will take part 😊

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  3. Great stuff! I have 1Γ—4-inch courgette(!) but there are signs of fruiting on the ridge cucumbers and James Wong Cucamelons. His Inca berries and recommended Wonderberry (not to be confused with Deadly Nightshade) are also growing. Picking hybrid berries daily. New fruit bushes have all survived except the first hardy passionfruit which wasn’t hardy enough!

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      1. Only problem being that you buy seeds BUT because they are unusual you can’t be sure you will like them even if they grow! If only 25 seeds that’s one thing, but 400…
        Have also planted out the contents of the pick and come again punnets at the supermarkets following a friend’s suggestion. Lettuces from Waitrose have done well and Japanese selection from Sainsbury’s have grown apace. Can’t go wrong getting so many seedlings for Β£1!

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  4. What a great garden!! It’s been several years since I’ve had a place to play in the dirt and I miss it!! When we bought the house I live in now I had dreams of a lovely patch to plant some veggies and herbs but then we got dogs. Now I need to find a way to fence off that little patch. Someday I’ll find the time, energy and money for that. Until then I love seeing everyone else’s gardens!! πŸ˜€

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  5. Everything is looking delicious Mrs C… and its always the best time when we start to harvest.. Courgettes are coming out of our ears.. And I am giving them away as fast as they grow, those we are not eating.. πŸ™‚ Lovely to see everything thriving so well.. πŸ™‚

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