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WIP Wednesday-26th July

This week has seen a bit of a knitting marathon to get the Lush cardigan finshed, as I’m considering entering it into our village show at the weekend. Last night I managed to complete it, but I’ll do a separate post on Friday as it was such a marathon learning curve. I’ll leave you with this photo of the finishing touches being added though.

I currently don’t have any WIPs that are doing much; it’s still too warm for the cosy stripe blanket. However, my daughter’s childminder asked if I could make some crocodile stitch slippers for her so I’ve worked up a gauge swatch for those. It’s about spot on so I can start those tonight. The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners and I love the different shades of purple in it.

What have you been working on? And how is it going? Let me know!

36 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-26th July

  1. Loving the colour of the slippers! Such a nice colour purple 😊 I’m still working on my secret Christmas present project, which isn’t going too bad. I’m yet to start my crochet cushion cover as I’m having trouble with the wool but I will get it done! 😊 Xxx

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  2. The little peep of your cardi that you showed, it looks wonderful! Looking forward to the reveal some time soon. The variegated purple yarn looks great too.
    I’m working on a new throw in pinks with a black background as per requested by the recipient…and continuing to join donated squares to make blankets for the needy…it’s winter down here of course, so there’s quite a need.

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  3. I love the photo of the little cardigan with the button! Great composition 😍
    Purple variegated yarn is my all time favorite 😊 I’m sure she’ll love her slippers.
    I skipped my wip post this week…nothing new to show 😕 Well, I did make more squares for the blanket – but they pretty much look like the ones you all have already seen, so that would have been pretty boring 😁
    And the crochet-along is still in the planning stage…so not much to show there either 😐 But next week will be better 😎

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  4. LOVE the buttons! Oak leaves (I think). So pretty. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Blood, sweat and tears (or tantrums lol) gone into that beautiful work of heart.
    Adore the colours of the purples/lavenders/ Yorkshire Spinners wool. I can see why you fell in love with that one.
    What am I working on …. Well I’m still doing the World Watercolour Challenge Month (for July) and it’s now only got a few days left. I’ve really enjoyed it, but it will be a good feeling to get back to card making as I’ve missed sharing those. I do think though that I will try to keep on doing the ATC’s – as it’s brought me back to painting again and I’d forgotten how much I loved it, …. and didn’t realise how much I missed doing it.
    FABULOUS post Mrs.C.
    love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you, they are oak leaves and I knew when I saw them they were ‘ the ones’ for this autumnal cardigan. You’ve inspired me to try watercolours, I’ve only bought a cheap set so if I’m completely awful I can just hand them over to the kids for their craft box! I’ve lived your paintings, even if I haven’t managed to comment on them all. X

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      1. Ohhhhhh I’m just thrilled to pieces that you’re going to give it a go. Have you bought some watercolour paper to go with them?

        (Regular paper won’t work because it will get too wet and won’t spread your colours in the way you want.)

        Another blogging friend and I have an idea brewing …. we’ve just got to work out the details. But I think you might like to join in with us. Can’t say anymore yet as we haven’t got it quite all worked out yet, but it will be, within days. And then we’ll tell you all about it …. and hopefully you’ll join in.

        Just remember that you’re new to it, and don’t tell yourself that what you’ve painted is rubbish. It won’t be.
        Oh … and don’t throw ANYTHING away.
        Date it and sign it then keep it in a wallet or folder (Tesco have some plastic type wallets which have a flap and a kind of press stud closure. In their stationery range).

        If you keep your ‘stuff’ … you’ll be able to look back and actually see how much further forward you are than where you started.

        Get going Mrs.C. We all began somewhere and some of us (that’s me to be precise) are still trying to get good at it!
        Sending BIG squidges ~ Cobs. x

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      2. Bless you, thanks for the tips. I’m just planning to paint backgrounds for cards but I do have a nice pad of watercolour paper to use. (My Grandad sells his watercolours but the gene skipped me, at school I was allowed to do ‘anything but art or music’ for my GCSEs lol as I’d have got below a C! But I shall give it a go now, I just want pretty backgrounds for fairies. 😊
        Your project sounds exciting so I shall look forward to hearing about it. X

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  5. Oooh that mustard colour is so beautiful. I cant wait to see the finished object. And I am so jealous of the country show, i love living in the city but i dream of country shows and the community spirit around them.
    I have just finished a preemie octopus and a doggie blanket. Just started a scarf in drops alaska.

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