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17 for 2017 July Update

Whoops, July was a quick month! End of term school events seemed to take up the whole middle fortnight, and then we’ve been working at the allotment as well as settling into a school holiday routine. Not to mention the various birthday parties, barbecues and so on. I have hardly thought about the 17 for 2017 goals as my feet have barely touched the ground, so it will be interesting to see if I have made any progress!

17 cupboards/drawers/storage areas sorted (12.5)

The wardrobe in the kitchen where we keep cycle helmets, hats, gloves, spare coats etc. turned out not to lead to Narnia and therefore had reached full capacity. I raked the whole lot out and went through it, sending some items to charity shops (we no longer need a baby snowsuit!), and rediscovering items that our eldest child had grown out of but which now fit our youngest. This has been very timely, as she now has ‘new’ wellies and waterproofs for holiday. She was especially excited about the dinosaur wellies, who am I to ruin her fun? We can now close the door to the wardrobe, and I found a waterproof I thought I’d lost so now I don’t need to buy one. I also got the children to sort through their toys in the conservatory, selecting toys they had grown out of to go to either pre-school or charity shops. Both of them are now enjoying their toys much more as they are more organised, and they’ve had some lovely chilled out days at home playing.

16 new recipes tried (10)

We made pizza topped chicken, which was a real hit, and cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Both are Slimming World recipes and were enjoyed by us all, although the strawberries were really faffy to make. I would do them again though, as they look pretty and would be great for a party.

15 minutes per day on household admin

Another one I’m mostly managing, I am making more of an effort to deal with post as it arrives so it can be filed (either properly or in the B.I.N.). It’s things like remembering to read the gas and electric meters and then recording that information online that seem to get forgotten if I don’t do them straight away.

14 blog posts per month

I managed exactly 12 in July, I’m slipping! I’ve been working on larger projects, or focusing on crafting rather than blogging and therefore not typing posts. I’ve also had a few ideas for posts that have never made it past the little spark of a thought stage. I’m not too disappointed as my stats have been around the same as other months.

13 tutorial posts in the year (7)

I wrote one this month, about die cutting. I’m fairly happy with how I’m doing on this goal, as it’s one I find hard to plan for.

12 frugal things

I’ve had to work hard to be frugal this month as I don’t (can’t?) work during school holidays because the schools aren’t open. I’ve tried to use up tinned food items that are in cupboards to save a little on grocery shopping, and delved into the depths of the freezer. Mr C’s work (a well known supermarket) had a staff double discount day so I went there and bought all of our 5 year old’s school uniform for September (barring logo tops and t shirts, which we have quite a few of thanks to another kind parent who gave us some she no longer needed, so I just need to get a couple more from the uniform shop in town). I also bought a few summer clothes items for him in the offer, as he had grown out of a lot of his clothes.

In preparation for (hopefully!) a camping trip, we’ve been buying various items second hand. One particular bargain of note was a brand new double camping stove with gas bottle for £10 from a garage clearance. I’m hoping for a camping trip now so that we can test out some new camping recipes.

Sadly, any frugal efforts were undone by a trip to the garage for a new tyre which resulted in spending over £200 on 2 tyres, tracking, and wheels being straightened. Oh dear! We did use a very reasonable local garage though, so we saved a bit.

August will definitely be a test of my frugal skills!

11 photos of the whole family (1)

No more this month, hopefully we will get some good photos over the summer, especially if we go away.

10 comments/likes/both on other blog posts per day

Some days I do this and more, other days I fall asleep before I’ve had the chance to read many posts. (Nothing to do with the quality of the posts, more to do with being woken up at stupid hours by the children!) I really must try harder to read other blogs.

9 crochet projects completed (8)

So close to achieving this one. I completed the Victorian Lattice square blanket with lacy border this month.


8 times more spent setting up photos than taking them

I’m not sure I’ve exactly achieved this, but I have tried to use the natural light in our conservatory. Now the nights are drawing in a little, I either need to take photos earlier in the evening or do them in the daytime. I might try Mr C’s camera out on holiday to see if I can improve my camera skills.

7 patterns written (2)

Still no more progress. Maybe this is a goal I should forget about, at least for now. I have looked at the online courses on Craftsy to see if the pattern writing ones might be useful, and perhaps when I am back at work in September I will purchase one and have a go.

6 new places visited (4)

No more, but with holiday days out planned I think this one will be achieved in August!

5 outings with friends organised (3)

None again this month, but I did visit one friend twice (once to meet her newborn baby!) August has already seen one trip out with friends too.

4 cards made per month

Quite a few made this month again, mainly for specific occasions. I did explore die cutting to make some ‘stash’ cards though, including my village show entry. August is a busy one so I think most cards will be used as soon as they are made. However, now I have my ‘Happy Birthday’ die, I might whip up a couple of spare cards when I’ve got my stash out.

3 seasons of harvesting on the allotment

This one is on! We’ve been eating potatoes and green beans this month, beetroot has been pickled and more beans blanched. Early blackberries are also in the freezer, and autumn and winter crops are thriving. The pumpkins are growing beautifully, and some are already turning orange, and the parsnips just need thinning out. We will be keeping an eye out for winter brassicas to plant, as our broccoli is almost ready to harvest and then there’ll be a spare patch on the plot for us to grow them in.

2 workouts per week

I think last month’s conclusion that this is more of a winter target is probably a sensible one. However, I earned a lot of intensity minutes on my Garmin from working at the allotment, and from doing the school run a lot on days when I wasn’t working. One day I walked to and from the school 4 times, walking a grand total of 6 miles just in school runs.

1 Slimming World Target certificate

Not yet, but I was lighter at the end of the month than I was at the start, so that’s a good sign. Hopefully all of the fresh produce from the allotment will enthuse me about speed foods too!


0 unnecessary craft purchases

I’ve only bought yarn for planned projects, and a cutting die that I knew would get a lot of use. Not bad at all, in fact I’ve been very restrained!

Considering how badly I thought the month had gone, I’ve done well I think. I need to knuckle down with a couple of things, and have a think about the direction I’m heading in with others. One thing is for sure, having targets has helped me focus, even if it is subconsciously!

25 thoughts on “17 for 2017 July Update

  1. I think you are amazing in what you achieve, especially with a young family to care for. Lol I am retired and have all day with only hubby and I in the house and I am sure I do not achieve anywhere near as much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you’re amazing. You are achieving so much and yet you’re a busy enough girl in every day life! I have no idea how you fit it all in. I think I’d be exhausted by around the 5th of every month! LOL.
    Sending heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I take my hat off to you Mrs C and wave it in the air.. what a month full of achievements So many worthwhile projects finished tried and tested..
    And running a home with children, looking after the allotment no small feat .. So well done to you..
    I hope during August you manage to come up for air in between everything else.. LOL..
    Have a wonderful August with the children.. xxx ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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