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WIP Wednesday-2nd August 

Until today I’ve been a monogamous yarn crafter this week, which is most unusual for me.

I’ve spent most of the week working on a pair of crocodile stitch slippers, though a huge chunk of that time was spent counting, recounting and checking whether certain stitches were included in the stitch count, before realising I was short of stitches and starting again. However, both boots are now up to the cuff part, which is where it gets easier. (The tricky part is the sole edging and establishing the ribbed effect.) 
As always, when I am making two items that need to match, I have made them ‘two at a time’, working each slipper up to a certain point then repeating the instructions on the other. It has definitely helped me to make sure they are the same. I’m not sure that I’m 100% keen on the yarn, as it’s quite a bitty wool mix and little fibres stick up all over the place making it look like I’ve got my hair caught in it! (Though I don’t have purple hair.)

Bizarrely, these slippers have also used a lot more yarn than expected too, given that I weighed the pair I made for me to estimate yarn usage. I think I’ll have enough though.

I also cast on a hat today. This one is for me, and uses leftover yarn from my daughter’s cardigan. The pattern is Rosewater by Tin Can Knits, but I’m only on the ribbing so far so it’s not looking like much yet!

I’ve been itching to start a knitting project, I just couldn’t decide what. This is a nice little one whilst I decide what else to make.

What are you working on? Have you started anything new? Let me know!

20 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-2nd August 

  1. Both projects are lovely. Its dissapointing when the yarn you choose turns out to not be as lovely as you hoped, but I am sure the recipient will love them! I started a shawl today and comtinued a scarf 🙂

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  2. I am crocheting something at the moment after finishing three pairs of socks.
    I made bootees in crocodile stitch two years ago. I think you are brave tackling adult sized boots with this stitch. I found I really had to concentrate when I made the bootees.

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  3. These are just beautiful, love the colour.. and will look forward to seeing the hat being completed ..
    Oh I did finish and put up the cardigan.. on the garden blog.. nothing in the pipe line at the moment.. 🙂

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