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An Experiment and A Special Card

Yesterday marked Mr C and I’s 7th wedding anniversary, so last week I began work on our anniversary card. In preparation we’d looked online to see what the traditional theme was. Imagine my joy when we discovered it was wool (oh, and copper, but that’s a bit less exciting).

I was going to crochet something for the card but then I remembered the little bag of ‘bits’ I’d saved from spinning the wool fibre I bought at Yarndale when Mr C surprised me with a trip there. The little pieces were a bit short for my inexperienced spinning, but perfect for wet felting. I had a quick Google to check how to do it (although going on the number of woolen things I’ve accidentally felted I could be considered a seasoned professional!) 

I began by laying lengths of fibre on a cling film covered baking tray. I’d like to say I tried to match colours but I went for a random effect instead. I made 3 layers of criss crossed pieces then poured slightly cooler than boiling water gently over it (using a baby beaker that was hanging around in the cupboard). Once it cooled a little I agitated it slightly, poured off the hot water and added cold water, agitating it again. It was magic! The resulting fabric was thin though so I folded it and repeated the process, then used a towel to press out excess moisture before leaving it to dry.

The card itself was a simple design, using linen cardstock left over from when I made our wedding invites, a stamp and some pearlescent pink card to pick out the pink in the felt. I then cut out a heart, using a cookie cutter (actually it was a play dough cutter but cookie cutter sounds more professional) as a template. 

Bonus points to Mr C, who, upon opening it, said ‘isn’t that the wool from Yarndale?’

If you fancy some intentional felting, I would definitely recommend trying wet felting, it’s quick and easy and very effective.  

52 thoughts on “An Experiment and A Special Card

  1. Happy anniversary! The wool trip connection is very sweet, and just think, Mr. C noticed where it came from. Mr. C is most certainly deserving of the Craft surname you so rightfully granted him! A match made in heaven!

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