FO Friday-25th August

As planned, I got the socks finished for Friday (yesterday in fact!) It felt like a long old slog on the cuffs as rib seems to take longer than plain knit.

Mr C has tried them on and they are a good fit, which is a relief since I made him try them on so many times.

The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Essential DK and I love the way the stripes have worked out. I used a toe up sock pattern by The Yarn Owl and adapted it slightly as I needed longer socks.

I used the Turkish cast on, which was a new one for me. I actually modified that as well as I think I wrapped the yarn around the needles the opposite way to the tutorial. Anyway, I think it has worked out for the best as the toes seem to have a double thickness of yarn due to the way it has twisted. I’m hoping this will add addition strength as these will be welly socks.

Slightly adapted Turkish cast on

The cuffs were worked entirely in 2×2 rib. As Mr C wanted longer socks, I had to add in some increases as there wasn’t quite enough give in the number of rib stitches in the pattern. I increased over the course of 10 rows to try and give a gentle taper rather than a flare, and it seems to have worked really well.

Mr C is very pleased with his socks and I am glad they’re done. (I’m also glad I used dk yarn as size 12 socks would have taken forever in sock weight!)

Have you managed to complete any projects this week? Do you always seem to end up changing patterns slightly? (For me thats the awesome thing about making things myself-they really are custom made.)

39 thoughts on “FO Friday-25th August

    1. I think I’m similar to you in that respect. Sometimes I need a pattern to learn a new thing, but once I know how to do it my brain runs away with itself because of the new possibilities!


    1. Lol, thanks. I think he’s secretly chuffed his legs are on display for the world to see! These are the simplest socks I’ve ever made, the pattern was lovely and easy to follow given how much of a novice I am at sock knitting. x

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      1. Novice pffft! You are a Knitting Needle Extraordinaire!
        You put that knitted ‘novice’ hat in the cupboard young lady.

        Hffft. Novice indeed!

        We’ll be having no more of that talk around here!

        ok… giggling at myself now.
        Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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      2. Ohhhh, I know the feeling. Believe me.
        Our Grandson is taking 2 years off our lives everytime he comes to stay. It takes us the day after he’s gone home again to begin to feel like ourselves and to actually hold any sort of decent conversation with each other. We’re totally talked out!
        One more week Mrs. Craft and you’ll have some free time again. The peace in your house will be SO LOUD that you’ll think you’ve lost your sense of hearing.
        In the meantime … sending love, squidges and a bottle of Gin.
        love ~ Cobs. x πŸ˜€

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  1. Hello Mrs C.
    How are the pumpkins doing?
    They turned out awesome.!!!! They will be good for keeping the feet warm during cold winter months for sure. I tried my hand again at cardmaking this week. I think they turned out pretty okay! I was at least happy with them and enjoyed making them. I am still trying to master water coloring. I think the water color fairy forgot to dust me with that particular artistic ability but so far I have no plans to give up trying. =)
    xoxoxo TTFN!!!

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    1. Hi and thanks, I’m hoping the socks will be well used. Watercolours are something I avoid as I’m actually useless at art. Are your cards on your blog?
      The pumpkins are doing amazingly, they might get a bit of a blog post next week! Thanks for dropping by x

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  2. Very nice! I love the colours, and I know what you mean about rib taking longer. I think it’s because you’re moving the yarn about so much, taking it from the front to the back. It’s worth the time, though, I love the rib texture. 😊

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  3. I have knitting envy! I may have to look up some crochet sock patterns now πŸ™‚ Currently working on a crochet shawl that I’ve had to unravel once. nearly back to where I was when I discovered the untimely mistake. lol

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    1. Thank you, Mr C is terrible for wearing ‘good’ clothes for messy jobs so these socks should fit in, as long as I turn a blind eye to any rough treatment of them πŸ˜‰


  4. Very impressive results, MrsCraft. I haven’t a clue about ribs and plain knits and Turkish cast-ons, but they’ve all come together to make the perfect sock! In this case, for me, it is definitely the end result and not the journey that matters! πŸ™‚

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