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Inspiration at the drop of an apple

Earlier in the year, we had a family trip to Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Isaac Newton. The house itself was only open for timed tours and we weren’t sure that two excitable children would enhance the experience for others (or us!) At the time, we said we would return without the children so we could look at the house and enjoy everything without feeling rushed.
We were very fortunate at the weekend to have a few hours without the children and we decided to go there since it is only half an hour away. The downstairs of the house was set up with a dinner table to reflect the period, and was quite interesting. However, the upstairs was where the real magic was.

There are four rooms upstairs, two are mainly for information and have various displays. Then you have the room where he was born. It seemed unreal to be stood in the room where, just under 350 years ago, one of the great scientists was born.

After that, we moved on to an even more important room-the one where he conducted his studies. I don’t think the children would have appreciated the significance of that room, so it was quite nice for Mr C and I to be there and take it all in. The room where so many theories were developed, and we were stood in it looking out of the window at the apple tree that is reportedly the one that inspired him to explore gravity.

The room as viewed from the apple tree, and the apple tree viewed from the room

We left feeling in awe of some of the things we had seen. Hopefully we will return there with the children for apple day on October 8th (depending on other plans!)

What is the most inspiring place you have visited? Why? Where would you like to go?

14 thoughts on “Inspiration at the drop of an apple

  1. How interesting and it is a beautiful place. I love Historic places. I would love visiting. In Southern California there are a lot of Missions. They are beautiful places to visits. One in particular that I love is the Mission @ San Juan Capistrano.

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    1. They sound interesting places! We have a lot of old houses and I find them a bit ‘samey’ inside unless there’s something really unique. I do love to see how people lived in the past though.

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  2. Hee hee, great post and good pics. Lived in Grantham for forever and never been to Woolsthorpe manor. Mum even lived in the village for a few years and I still never went! She has one of those ancient spinning wheels too (a great wheel?). You’ve inspired me to go on a cultural ramble. Have a great day.x

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  3. Oooh! How interesting. History is so much fun, i always put myself in that time lol. Like i really do wish we could time travel to just be in that time and feel what it would be like. Egypt really inspired me, i didn’t get to see the pyramids though but being in the desert and seeing them in the far was enough – Would like to visit Hampton court!

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