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WIP Wednesday-30th August

This week has been one of my most productive yet! I had a couple of custom orders to make up, and a project I really wanted to start for myself.
The first order was a pair of crocodile stitch slippers, which I completed quite quickly. I think they look sweet in dark pink yarn.

I’ve also started on another order, which was for a Lush cardigan like the one I made my daughter. I already had a yoke knitted as I’d made it in two sizes before choosing the one for my little girl. Fortunately I didn’t frog the unused one, and even more fortunately the new yarn I ordered was a really good match for the old one even though it was a different dye lot. I’m onto the longest part, which is knitting straight forward stocking stitch for the whole body of the cardigan. It makes for good TV knitting as it requires very little focus at this point. I increased almost 1 in every 4 stitches after picking up from the yoke as it needed to be slightly bigger and I knew my gauge was slightly small (but the next size needles gave me a stitch that I thought looked too loose). Hopefully the finished cardigan will look nice even with the increases. It was really hard to photograph, but I thought I’d give it a go.

The final WIP of the week is a cushion for mine and Mr C’s bedroom. I chose colours of Stylecraft Special DK to match the colour scheme, ideally I’d have had a darker blue too but there wasn’t one I felt went with the other colours well enough.

I’ve started an Attic 24 blooming flower cushion using them, it’s quite simple so far but I think it will coordinate really well.

What are you working on this week? Have you been productive or has it felt like a slow week? Please share your projects, link to your blog or tag me on Instagram @craftandothercrazyplans 

Proudly linking up with Janine at Rainbow Hare’s Wool on Sundays. 

49 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-30th August

  1. Great job on your productive week. I still love those slippers… I. Just need to do something to mine as the left foot keeps falling off so I haven’t been wearing them recently πŸ˜•
    What fortunate circumstances about the cardigan… It’s looking great so far. And I love the look of your cushion and think the colours will look lovely together, providing nice contrasts with each other.

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  2. Those wee booties are not crocodile stitch slippers at all.
    Those particular wee boots are ~~ Magical Unicorn Rider Bootees ~~.

    Designed and made for the young Fairy Princess who looks like a human …. but ….. rides a Unicorn of many colours.
    The unicorn itself donated some strands of it’s mane to be bound into the slippers in order to give them the magic that they required.

    Tsk tsk .. “crocodile stitch slippers” indeed. How you can have such magical talent in your fingers and yet …. you call them “crocodile stitch slippers”! Tsk tsk.
    There’s a short in your brain. Something is misfiring. We’re going to have to get you down to the garage and get them to look at what’s going wrong there.

    I LOVE them Mrs. Craft. LOVE them in 10foot high writing, in a fancy font, and painted in a beautiful pink paint …. then underlined several times.
    Yes, I LOVE them THAT much!

    Sending BIG squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. You Mrs Cobs have inspired me! Lol, going to the garage is very expensive you know, it’s far cheaper to pour tea into the engine and wait a few minutes. I think I may have to take that idea and run with it, so to speak. The little girl these are for loves unicorns you see! Hmmm, another cuppa and the plan may be fully stewed. Thank you! X

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      1. Of course I knew that the young lady Princess was a Unicorn lover, and I bet that, like me, she keeps her Unicorn in her back garden too. πŸ¦„

        How did I know this? Well, … it’s because I’m made of magic of course! πŸ€—
        he he he
        ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Very productive, well done. That flower is stunning, really beautiful colours
    I have started the Disney princess dress blanket. It’s making up lovely and quickly, I have the bodice done and 12 rows of the skirt. I’m so proud of myself, I’ve only done a little crochet before. His Poor Lordship keeps having to be my model so I can feel smug

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  4. You really are being productive. The boots are adorable. Love them no matter what color you have knitted them in. So sweet. Good for you for keeping that extra sweater start! And Can’t even tell a color difference in your photo at all. I just LOVE, LOVE the colors you chose for your “cushion”. Is that a bed spread or a chair cushion? The flower is so pretty. The colors are lovely together. What are the names of the colors you have chosen. I love that yarn and may have to knit or crochet something in those colors.

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  5. For some reason to me its been a slow week project wise, I’ve just had no energy after busy days at work to do anything hobby wise which then disappoints me. :/ I love the colours you’ve picked for your cushion and the flower looks really pretty! πŸ™‚ xxx

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