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17 for 2017 August Update

What a funny month August is-it seems to last forever but also be over in a flash. Going back to school time is upon us, after a busy month of holidays and visiting friends and relatives. I have reflected on some of my goals throughout the month and hopefully am close to achieving some of them now!

17 cupboards/drawers/storage areas sorted (16.5)

We’ve sorted out our whole room as new furniture came and we went through each set of drawers etc really carefully, deciding which things we would keep and which would go. A lot of bags made their way to charity shops with clothes that we no longer wanted or needed, plus a whole load of other clutter that had built up in drawers and wardrobes. The whole room feels so much lighter now and I haven’t missed any of the things we’ve got rid of.

16 new recipes tried (11)

I made red tomato chutney, which I’d not tried before. It was surprisingly easy, but not very quick! I’m hoping it will taste delicious once it matures in a few months.


15 minutes per day on household admin

August us quite quiet for admin, but I’ve got all of the school lunches ordered until October half term, and kept on top of the other tasks so I’m happy.

14 blog posts per month

I wrote 15 posts in August, that’s not too bad really considering how busy we were!

13 tutorial posts in the year (7)

No progress on this one, I’ve been far too busy crafting and enjoying the holidays. Maybe once the children are back at school and pre-school I’ll have time to set up, photograph and write a decent tutorial.

12 frugal things


As predicted, August was a test of my being frugal skills as I have had no income so relied on savings. We’ve made an effort to use food from the cupboards rather than buying more which has really helped, and the produce from the allotment has meant we’ve spent very little on fresh vegetables.

I’m not sure whether this counts as being frugal or not, but before going on holiday I drew out the cash we had agreed we would allow for spending on day trips and so on. This meant we could keep track of our money rather than spending on debit cards and not being able to check the balance. Also, before going, I wrote a meal plan and purchased basic ingredients for a selection of easy camping meals. We hadn’t planned which days to have them or anything, but it meant we had cheap evening meals ready and freed up some of our holiday money for having the occasional lunch out. On the two days it rained heavily we went to a supermarket cafe at tea time, and the children ate free so we got 4 meals for ยฃ11. Not ideal, and I’m sure there are nicer places to eat, but the food was tasty enough and we could relax a little about the children as it wasn’t a posh place!

11 photos of the whole family (2)

We got a lovely photo of us all in the cable car going up to the Heights of Abraham.

10 comments/likes/both on other blog posts per day

This is a mixed one, some days I manage loads and others not as many. I think I miss posts because I tend to look at the same of day. Perhaps i should try to look at my reader in the mornings too.

9 crochet projects completed (9)

First goal achieved! The crocodile stitch unicorn riding boots are complete, with more being ordered.


8 times more spent setting up photos than taking them

Most photos have been taken on days out so they’ve been quick snaps rather than things I’ve set up. Evenings are drawing in so I have less time after the children have gone to bed to take photos in natural daylight in the conservatory. I suspect that by the end of the month I will be getting the light box out again.

7 patterns written (2)

Another one with no progress. Not to worry!

6 new places visited (8)

We smashed this one! On holiday we visited Eyam (sometimes also known as the plague village), the heights of Abraham (which was absolutely amazing) and the National Trust Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall. When we got home we had a day trip to Claythorpe Water Mill too. I’d say we’ve done our fair share of exploring!

Looking down from the cable car at the Heights of Abraham

5 outings with friends organised (5)

We managed two this month, one to Tattershall Castle for a picnic and then another to a friend’s house where we all met up for another picnic and a chat.ย 

4 cards made per month

I’ve barely touched my cardmaking stuff this month, I’m not sure why. I made two at the start of the month for Mr C’s birthday and our anniversary but nothing since.

3ย seasons of harvesting on the allotment

We are almost at the end of season one of harvesting, but this goal is still looking highly likely. The pumpkins are nearly ready, carrots are still in the ground and so are parsnips. We should be harvesting things until Christmas hopefully!

2 workouts per week

The darker nights have meant that I’ve managed a workout per week in the latter part of August and I shall hopefully increase that over September.

1 Slimming World Target certificate

I’ve undone my August holiday damage so I’m the same weight as at the start of the month, but we have had a lovely time eating out and so on. I’m not too stressed, the school run sees me being more active too.

0 unnecessary craft purchases

None at all, I’ve been very good. But somehow my stash is still outgrowing it’s storage space!

We are two thirds of the way through the year now, and it’s good that some goals are beginning to be achieved. Others need a bit of work or just forgetting about completely as I change direction. I think September will be a very telling month for one or two of my goals! How are your goals going? Are there any that you think might not be achievable at the moment, or which you are changing?

26 thoughts on “17 for 2017 August Update

    1. Thank you, the views are stunning, it’s a shame I didn’t have a better photo that didn’t also have my children in! Honestly it’s well worth a visit, there’s so much to do once you’ve gone up in the cable car too.


  1. As a child I would often walk up the Heights, and have even camped up top a few times with Guides, but there was no cable car, or even theme park in those days. We keep saying we will ride the cable cars but so far we still haven’t done it despite the fact we are only about half an hour away from it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you get there! I think my 3 year-old would have been unimpressed at walking up there lol, the cable cars were a real adventure. It was lovely up there with the caverns to explore and so on, a great day out.


  2. Aww Mrs. C. I love your posts. They always engage me and keep me reading right to the end.

    I’ve SO enjoyed this post. I love that you’ve achieved so much … ok, perhaps not achieved everything you had a mind to, but hey … look what you HAVE achieved! TONS!

    I also love that you’ve renamed the slippers. LOLOL. ah, nagging works sometimes. lol.

    You have inspired me. I’m going to begin making a plan myself. I think it might help me to keep on track. Not sure how to go about it, but a bit of thinking will put that right.

    BRILLIANT post Mrs.C
    love you to pieces ~ Cobs. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, the idea was all yours. But I think there could be a market for unicorn riding boots, particularly with non slip soles! And imagine how cute the baby ones are? Thank you for the lovely comment, I enjoy your blog very much too x x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. When you list it, you certainly get through a lot within the month, MrsCraft… and those things you don’t manage simply roll forward. But you are right about August. It seemed a long month but was over in a flash.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like you had a great month!!! and some very nice visits on your hoiday!. I am glad. =) as for your crafting outgrowing your storage LOL If you ever figure out how to make that stop happening I would LOVE to know because I have a mountain that I need to store in a small hill =)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow so love those slippers and what an amazing month you have had.. Your visit to Eyam close to my heart as I was brought up in the next village that is in walking distance from Eyam and in fact have walked that distance many a time as the buses were far and few between from Stoney Middleton. ๐Ÿ™‚
    What a productive month you have had.. You put me to shame.. LOL..
    Wishing you a Happy week ahead xx

    Liked by 1 person

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